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Calendar FAQ for posting Events

Use our Calendar to promote your event!

Click here to go to the Roman Army Talk and reenactor.Net combined Calendar

Due to a need for us to make the Calendar easily understood by all, we have decided on a common format for posting -- first country (and state, Lander, etc., if needed) click here for list. Then location, the type of event (LH, Pub Display, combat, etc.). In the subject, an event would look like this: (D) Kalkriese (PD)

Then... describe your event -- Don't just say "Roman event" -- Tell us ABOUT the event!

  • Amenities (Straw, food, vendors, free t-shirt?, reimbursement for gas?)
  • What period? (Republican, 1st Century, 2nd Century, etc.)
  • Authenticity level
  • Crowd level expectations
  • Prohibitions (no fires, no digging, no alcohol, etc.)
  • Website Link -- you NEED a website! With the abundance of free web hosting and simple, FREE, tools to make a website, there is NO excuse for not having a website for your event. Please, follow these directions! If you can't follow our simple request, then we'll have our Praefectus Fasti ("Prefect of the Calendar") remove your event from our listings ;-( We ask little, other than that you follow our simple guidelines... PLEASE do so. We reserve the right NOT to list any event we feel objectionable.

This calendar, rising from the ashes of an earlier "joint" calendar, will try and become worthy. Please let us know what you think about it...

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