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Legio II World Wide Traiana Fortis (South West Nevada USA)
LEGIO II TRAIANA FORTIS Cohort I is a Las Vegas Nevada based group of Roman Reenactors, Nevada's oldest Roman Reenactment group. Founded in 2002 and solely dedicated to historicaly accurate Roman Reenactment. Excuse our dust but Legio II Traiana Fortis Cohort I is growing.
All II Traiana Fortis Cohorts/Groups are independent organizations with their own Websites and Policies.
If you are a Roman History buff or Reenactor stay up to date with the latest Roman discovery's & Events from around the world as well as all of the activities of the II Traiana Cohorts/Groups from around the World.
Loren G Tucker/Laurentius Tuccius Eugenius
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This legion appeals to me in part because of my own service as a US Marine, and the honorifics are similar...'Pia Fidelis' and 'Semper Fidelis'. We have decided to go with the concept of white tunics for legionaries and officers, and red ones for centurions. We have also decided to use the idea put forth by Fuentes that legions formed of naval units may have used blue scarves to honor their origins. We use ultramarine focale and sashes for this purpose. Our scuta is blue with a vertical gold trident and a pair of dolphins twined about it above and below the boss. Vexilla are red with "Leg II APF" on them, sometimes with a pegasus.
We celebrate the Deis Natalis at Yuletide in December...this being the likely time in which the legio classiariorum was raised to iustae legionis status. This would give them the Capricorn as a founding symbol. In addition, the Pegasus is displayed, this emblem being given to them by Emperor Vespasian, perhaps at the time he awarded them the honorifics of 'Pia Fideli
Legio II Augusta (USA, AR)--Legio II Augusta is. a member unit of the Imperial Southern Provisional Army -- The ISPA is a loose organization of Roman Reenactors, Legions, Gladiators, Citizens, Auxila, and Enemies of Rome in the Southeastern United States. Its stated purpose is to facilitate cooperation and growth between its member units. ISPA units Sponsor several events annually including Castra Romana in South Carolina, Memorial Day Timeline in Georgia, and Lafe Encampment in Arkansas.
Lafe AD43
The Lafe event is a Roman "tactical" and 24 hour Living History "immersion" event that Leg. II puts on each year. It is fast becoming the Roman event in North America and each year draws more reenactors from each side. We are building a Roman fort on the site, along with a barracks building and even a Celtic village.
Legio II Adiutrix (Colorado Springs, CO. USA)
Legion II Adiutrix is an Imperial Roman living-history/reenacting group that was founded in September 2007. Its members portray the Roman soldiers and citizens of ancient Rome circa 75 AD. The goal of the unit is to accurately portray the life and times of the ancient Romans for public education and entertainment, and to promote a better understanding of ancient Roman history among its members and the public in general. II Adiutrix is based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Cohort Three of Italian Auxiliaries is a Roman Reenactment Group from the South Central part of the United States. We have members and associates in Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.
We attempt to recreate the less well known half of the Roman Army. Everyone knows about the Legions, but standing beside or often in front of the Roman Legions of the Early Empire were the Auxiliary Cohorts. These units were recruited from non-citizens and part of their service bonus was the acquiring of citizenship for themselves and their offspring.
Sometimes auxiliary cohorts were given their citizenship early as a result of a heroic action. Auxiliaries provided cavalry, scouts, missile weapon specialists, and often the assault troops for the Roman army. They usually had different weapons and armor from the regular Roman Legionary. In some places the Roman auxiliary troops manned the first lines of defense. In Britain, auxiliaries guarded the frontier posts of Hadrian?s Wall. In Judea at the time of Jesus Christ, no Roman legions were officially stationed there, only auxiliary troops. It was probably an auxiliary soldier who thrust his spear (hasta) into Jesus? side, not a legionary with a pilum!
The Auxiliary unit of Legio VI FFC based in the Southeastern United States, Cohors II Italica Civium Romanorum (of Roman Citizens). The unit exists primarily to participate in re-enactments, presentations, dramas, and related events. Men Women, and children are welcome, each can be involved in a myriad of ways.
Cohors II Ital is based primarily on the Cohort stationed in Caesarea in the 20-70 AD Period. It is mentioned several times in historical references, including the Bible!

The newest, best, and only Roman legion reenactment group in Tennessee. The goal of our group is to provide a historically accurate recreation of people in the Roman empire from roughly 100 BC to 100 AD. We have legionaries, civilians, a couple barbarians, and are always looking for MORE! We are also a registered University of Tennessee Student Organization, but we have members from all over Tennessee.
Legio X Fretensis, Cohort IV (USA, NoCA)--If you elect to first try the Roman Training Camp program, then you will be required to bring this Introductory Information cover sheet to your first event in order to be admitted into the Training Camp. A modest $5.00 admittance fee will be requested: You will be allowed to attend two events on a trial basis. If you decide to continue your Roman experience, then you will be requested to pay the balance due for a full Membership status, which is $30.00 for the calendar year.
When you attend your first event, in order to enrich your living history experience, you should bring with you the following outfit and equipment: a "T" pattern Tunic, a rope or leather belt, sandals, a mess kit consisting of a wood or metal bowl or plate, a spoon, knife (optional), a cup, and a bag to carry it. A leather water bag or a plain, uncovered metal canteen is recommended if you plan to spend the entire day with Legio X. If you plan to spend the night in the camp tent, you should bring with you a plain colored wool blanket. You may be asked to post guard duty during the night. Legio X will provide for all meals. Please RSVP one week prior to the scheduled event in order to insure sufficient food for you. The status of new reruits at these events will be that of militae mutatio - Lowest ranking soldiers.
If you wish to only receive this Legio X newsletter, then the rate is $10.00
Legio VI Victrix recreates a garrison camp near the Roman city of Eburacum (modern York) in the province of Britannia. Our members portray the foot soldiers and officers of the legion, as well as the civilian denizens of a Roman provincial city. Our time frame is AD 130-160, during the reigns of the Emperors Hadrian and Antoninus Pius.
We strive to inform, educate, and entertain both ourselves and the public, and to have lots of fun along the way! Toward these goals, we take part in film and television productions, military timelines, historical faires and other special events, as well as give educational presentations throughout Southern California. To help stay fit, we conduct marches in full kit once each month. We also take part in "experimental archaeology" to help historians investigate how the Romans may have done things. Finally, we enjoy the special camaraderie of a shared fascination with this important historical epoch.
The Sixth Imperial Legion of Rome is a living history organization dedicated to recreating the life and times of Roman Legionary in the early 1st Century A.D. Legio VI was headquartered in Judea from 9 B.C. to 73 A.D. Prior to this they had served Julius Caesar in Gaul and Egypt.
The nickname "Ferrata" or "The Iron Legion" was awarded to the Legion in fighting in Gaul under Julius Caesar. The "Fidelas Constans" or "Loyal and Steady" was awarded in the mid to late 1st Century AD. We aim for a 70 A.D. Impression.
The Legion looks to participate in school presentations, living history days, encampments, SCA Fairs, and occasional other events in South Carolina and the Southeast and is a Member legion of the ISPA (The Imperial Southern Provisional Army). We are actively looking for new members! If you are interested, contact the Commander. Enthusiasm is the only requirement!
We are a Roman reenactment group in the Colorado/New Mexico/Utah/Arizona region of the US. We portray 1st-2nd Century AD. Our legion is LEGIO VII GEMINA FELIX - stationed in what is now modern day Spain. We welcome families and civillian impressions!
Legio IX Hispana -- the only remaining vestige of LEGIO IX HISPANA in America, since the main California group disbanded. We are mostly located in the "MidLant" area of the United States.

Leg.  IX is a group of living historians dedicated to "learning by doing" --  who strive for more than just standing in front of a group talking. Yes, we do sometimes do displays, but our heart is elsewhere. We plan on period marches or "treks " as they're called and encampments. Our hope is to grow more and do more each year.

One thing we DO encourage is FUN, yes fun! Some folks feel that in reenacting that you need to be miserable and to have STRONG DISCIPLINE to do it... we disagree. NONE us wishes to die, nor get sick from bad food, nor have fleas or lice.  Most want a "taste" of Roman times, not being marched til you drop or having your feet caned. We wish to get a feel for wearing the armor, to try out some of the food they ate, to walk a bit in their sandals -- we don't wish to get hurt or so sick that we can't go to work on Monday. Remember, this is a hobby!

Part of our purpose is also social and we encourage friendship and comradeship amongst our members. What can be better than doing something that you're interested in with your friends? Come to us and join Legio IX Hispana.

Legio XI is a Georgia-based Roman reenactment group, dedicated to recreating the environment, equipment, technology, and ethos of the Roman Army of the 1st Century A.D. As such, all of us share an avid interest in the history and authenticity of our subject, and strive our best to present an accurate portrayal of Roman Legionaries in a variety of settings.
Legio XI conducts regular monthly workshops where we exchange ideas, make our own equipment, learn more about our respective interests, and enjoy each others' company. We participate in reenactment events, locally and across the U.S., that recreate Roman camp and military life.
We provide demonstrations for schools and other institutions interested in well-researched, accurate, and interesting living history. We are able to tailor our presentations for any audience.
An educational service organization that recreates and teaches others about the Roman army, from top to bottom. Though headquartered in Texas, our Legion crosses state--and even international--lines!

Our members' interests are broad and deep--we are interested in every branch of the Roman military and every era of its evolution. We encourage the diversity of our members' interests and the "cross-pollination" that diversity brings about.

That said, the Roman reenactment mainstream currently focuses on the Imperial era, so we strive to keep a "critical mass" of Legionary activities and equipment appropriate to that span of time (we prefer the Flavian dynasty under Vespasian.)
We are a group of like-ancient Rome , and all the aspects involved with the Roman military machine during the first century A.D. We strive to portray the common legionnaire who marched on Rome ?s highways from the blistering deserts of the Middle East to the northern reaches of Hadrian?s Wall .
Our primary goal is to depict members of Legio XIIII, known for its campaigns in Germania and in Britannia. Legio XIIII was one of the legions that participated in the suppression of the revolt led in Britannia (60AD) by the famed Iceni Queen Boudicca. Along with our representation of the Roman soldier, Legio XIIII also has portrayals for female members. The impressions are open for Roman civilians and non-citizens. As with any army in history there has always been civilians following the army. So our group is open to any female impression that would be accurate for our groups time period and locale.
One of the original Roman Reenacting websites, Not high-tech, but it has good information and information how to make Roman kit.

The Twentieth Legion was founded in 1991 to recreate the soldiers of the Roman Army for public demonstrations and living history displays. Our weapons, armor, and accoutrements are all carefully researched, and reconstructed at our own expense. Our troops demonstrate the tactics of the day, and the use of the legionary's various weapons. We can discuss many aspects of Roman army life. We also have a civilian contingent which displays daily life in the ancient Roman world.
Legio Tredecim Gemina (Houston, Texas)
Legio Tredecim  Gemina is a society dedicated to a study of Ancient Rome, its history, culture, peoples, and military.   Legio Tredecim Gemina is affiliated with Nova Roma, an international organization likewise dedicated to the study of Ancient Rome.  

While Legio Tredecim Gemina is headquartered in the Houston, Texas, area, our membership is open to anyone regardless of where he or she is located.  Membership is open to all individuals.   Legio Tredecim Gemina does not discriminate on the basis of race (ethnicity), color, sex, age, gender, or disability.

Legio Tredecim Gemina encourages scholarship on Ancient Rome and its culture.   Additionally, Legio Tredecim Gemina participates in Roman reenactments in the Texas region.  

Legio XXIV (USA, PA) -- Instituted on the Kalends (1st) of Martius (March) 2751 AUC (1998), Legion XXIV defends the frontiers of Ancient Rome in the Middle Atlantic Provincia of North America. Legion XXIV is intended as reenactment unit to display Roman Army life, dress, battle tactics and atmosphere at Faires, schools or other public functions. The campaigns of the Legion are conducted in PA, NJ, MD, OH, New England and surrounding states, as well as in Ontario Canada. The artillery pool of the Legion includes a small arrow-shooting ballista and an onager casting softballs 300 feet! The dress, weapons and other equipment of the Legion are authentic and historically correct as reasonably possible and have been assembles and/or obtained at our member's own expense. The Legion's extensive Website has many pages dealing with Weapons, Equipment, History of Rome and its Legions, Gladiatorial Combat and the Colosseum, along with links to reenactment Legions worldwide and Equipment Suppliers!
Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix (Southern Ontario and the North-Eastern USA))
Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix is an informal association of Roman re-enactors (from southern Ontario and
the north-eastern USA) established in 2004 with the goal of portraying all aspects of:
Roman civilian and legionary life.

Family participation is welcome and encouraged.
This is the site of Legio XXX, 3rd cohort of Fort Wayne, In, USA. In addition to the main page, check out my roman shoe making pages:
Nova Roma (World Wide)
Nova Roma (USA)--NOVA ROMA is an organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture. From its legendary founding in 753 BCE to 330 CE, when it ceased to be the center of Imperial authority, Rome set the standard and laid the foundation for our modern Western civilization. Rome civilized the world, and we see the need for that divine mission to begin again.
Founded 2,750 years after the Eternal City itself, NOVA ROMA seeks to bring back those golden years. But where our ancestors imposed their will through the sword and the Legions, we intend the same result through the spread of knowledge and through our own virtuous example.

Rome (Combat Simulation Organization) (We are based in Washington, DC,)
 (USA, VA)--Since 1987, Rome is a premiere fighting unit in the SCA, Markland, and Dagorhir! DO NOT click the java-script button, just go to the non-java index -- it still locks my computer up! (13.feb.05) ;-(

SPQR (Tucson, Arizona)
SPQR (USA, AZ)--SPQR Roman Reenacting was created in 2000. My name is Taylor Genovese, my reenacting name is Titus Decimus Romulus.  SPQR was made so that men, women, and children could reenact Roman times. But SPQR is unique because people can PICK what they want to be. From senators to gladiators to the army. We try to be authentic, but we understand how hard it is to afford equipment, especially miltary equipment. But, if you would like to be in the army, you can't wear anything that is not Roman. The same rule applies with any other career. SPQR is based in Tucson, AZ and we desperatly need members. If you are in another state and would like to create an SPQR in your community, contact me and I will give you information.

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