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1870-1900 Era Reenacting Organizations

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The Grand Army of the Frontier (Midwest Southern USA)
The Goal and Mission of the Grand Army of the Frontier is to honor the memories and achievements of the late Victorian-era military of all nations between 1858 and 1904, with a particular emphasis on American army on the Western Frontier between 1860 and 1900, though the pursuit and sharing of knowledge, and by actively participating in the hobbies of Cowboy Action Shooting, historical reenacting, living history programs, skirmishing, social events, and other activities while wearing appropriate military attire.

Membership is open to anyone who shares an interest in the history, organization, arms, uniforms, equipment, and personnel of the Victorian-era military.

All members are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy and respect toward their fellow members, as they would likewise expect to be treated in return.

The Grand Army of the Frontier is NOT a military, paramilitary, pseudo-military, or militia organization, and does not espouse any political philosophy or policy.

Indian Wars Reenacting


The National Indian Wars Association Inc. Non-profit Organization, located in California. The purpose of the National Indian Wars Association, Inc. is to contribute to the education of the American public about this critical period of our Nation's history (1865-1890), known as the Indian Wars period.

Frontier Soldiers Association The Frontier Soldiers Association, an affiliate of the Northwest Historical Military Society, is a living history group dedicated to accurately representing the average American soldier from 1872 to 1891 era, with particular emphasis on the Sioux Campaign of 1876.

The Buffalo Soldiers of Seattle The Buffalo Soldiers of Seattle, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1994 by the late Mr. Al Wilcher and local horsemen interested in transmitting their skills, historic knowledge and expertise to local youth.

The General Miles Marching and Chowder Society The General Miles Marching and Chowder Society, formed in 1979, is a group of military historians with a deep interest in the lives of the enlisted infantrymen of the regular army in the west, 1867-1890.

Western frontier adventure Living history of the american frontier from 1800s,frontier scouts,,Lewis & Clark,pioneers,cival war,indian wars, cowboys, wild west shows,modeling for frontier artist,and photographers

Old West Reenacting

The Old West Living History Foundation We're a national/international organization of living history enthusiasts & participants who celebrate the spirit & legends of the 1800?s American Frontier.

American Federation of Old West Reenactors The American Federation of Old West Reenactors is the premier sanctioning body of group and individual reenactors. We are a national non-profit organization open exclusively to those groups and individuals that are committed to the highest standards of accuracy and period dress.

National Outlaw/Lawman Association A national and international association of old west reenactor groups.

Western frontier adventure Living history of the American frontier from 1800s, frontier scouts,, Lewis & Clark, pioneers, Civil War, Indian wars, cowboys, wild west shows, modeling for frontier artists, and photographers

Bad Company Theatrical Productions Inc. Bad Company Western Theatrical Productions is a 16-year-old, non-profit corporation committed to the preservation of the Wild West, from 1849 to the 1880's its history and Glory. An executive board of elected officials with 39 insured members governs us. We are based in The Sierra Nevada foothill region, in Northern California's beautiful Gold Country.

Spanish-American War
Reenacting Organizations

United Spanish American War Society The United Spanish American War Society is a national non-profit organization of living history participants dedicated to authentically portraying the Spanish American War of April to August 1998 for the education of its members and the interested public.

The Spanish American War Centennial Website

The Spanish War 1898, Inc. It is the primary goal of 'The Spanish War 1898 Inc.' to authentically portray the period of the Spanish American War for the education of its members and the interested public.

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