reenactor.Net Needs You!

What we'd really like is not a zillion bucks from any one person (okay, if you really want to donate a million bucks, we'll take it!), we're just asking that anyone who finds r.Net useful to send us $3. You can donate more--we'll not say "no."

WHY are we asking for money? Well, for one thing, we're doing some major updating that none of us can actually DO. That means hiring a programmer. I know, you're saying, "Why?" Well, for some time, we haven't been able to keep up w/ the unit adds and other stuff--especially in time areas that we don't have a webmaster for (we can only do what we do... it's not that easy to run something that you're not familiar with).

Anyway, we're not asking for a lot of money... just like $3. -- that will do it. More so in that it will allow some liquidity to get everything updated and working right. We do this for the reenactors out there and want it to be right!
Thanks, Marsh and Staff

To be a regular supporting member of reenactor.Net, it is only $3.00 Really, just a measly $3. through paypal. If even a fraction of our visitors would do this we'd be in great shape.

reenactor.Net Supporter Plus--To donate more than the the supporting member amount -- an amount of your choosing, this your choice.

To be a reenactor.Net Supporting Unit, it's $40.00 for which your unit will be recognized on the Honor Page AND on the units page. Plus, you'll get to display a stunning (okay, nice) graphic we have yet to make on your website. And be sure to let us know what unit you are in, so we can list it and let others know what you've done.

Benefactor Level--For those people who donate up to $50.00, this is a level for those who really wish to help out. We're still working on a package for this (ideas on this are appreciated).

Patron Level--For those who donate $500.00 or more to reenactor.Net.

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