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The American Revolutionary War was not only the founding of the United States, but also the beginning of a new way of thinking. Reenacting the Revolutionary War, or "RevWar" as it is commonly referred to, has been around for a long time, with its heyday back around the Bicentennial. This isn't to say that RevWar has died off, it is still a strong hobby and has many dedicated people involved with it and in fact, is undergoing a resurgence.

Anyway, you will find we have quite a few links to different units and even many historical sites, so please, feel free to surf around and see what is here. When contacting a unit, please tell them you found them here at reenactor.Net ;-) If your unit was listed before and can no longer be found, this is because your website is bad and I could not find a new one for you, please reapply with your new site and I will put you up right away.



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