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The Royal Sussex Society recreates the life and times of the British soldier of the 35th Regiment of Foot.  Currently, we reenact the American Revolution as the 35th Regiment of Foot, Grenadier Company.  We also are the east coast's largest British Victorian recreated regiment.

We are a family-friendly organization and are actively recruiting for more soldiers, musicians, and camp followers.  We strive always for the highest levels of authenticity possible while enjoying ourselves at the same time.  Members are expected to acquire their uniforms and kits within a year but we have loaner items and guidelines for new members to help them out.

The 35th Regiment was the only regiment to wear orange facings, a special honor bestowed by King William III--the Prince of Orange.  The regiment was raised in Ireland in 1701 and served in the French & Indian War, the American Revolution, French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars, Indian Mutiny, Egyptian War, a host of small colonial conflicts, the Boer War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Aden.  It was amalgamated in 1966.  We are proud to maintain friendly relations with the Royal Sussex Association in the UK today.

Largely based in the New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania area, the vast majority of our events take place in this region.  We boast an active schedule with activities ranging from recreated battles to living history displays at schools, museums, and other groups.
The Recreated 16th Regiment of Foot (Southwest/Gulf Coast/ Louisiana/Texas)
The Recreated 16th Regiment of Foot was created as a sub-unit of the RNCR to address the need for Regular British Troops at reenactments.  After careful research, it was determined that there should be more regiments represented at reenactments that served in the Southern Campaigns, so it became our object of research.

The 16th Regiment of Foot arrived in New York in 1767. The regiment was immediately sent to Florida where it remained until the outbreak of the American Revolution. In 1779, the 16th was sent to man British posts along the border of Spanish Louisiana Territories. Here detachments were sent out to harass/skirmish with Spanish out posts and capture supplies being brought in from this territory. The 16th Regiment a Foot, participated in the defense of Baton Rouge (Louisiana), and the defense of Savannah, Georgia. In 1781, the regiment returned to Florida, taking part in the siege of Pensacola before returning to England in March of the following year.

We are a family oriented group and welcome all who have an interest in recreating British Regiments that served in the South Western area of operations.

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