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RevWar "Other" Units

This is the place to find links to units that don't fit our normal RevWar categories.

These may be groups, organizations, non military, civilians and any others.

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El Regimento de La Luisiana (Southeastern and Southwestern US)
Welcome to the official website of
El Regimento de La Luisiana,
a unit of living historians dedicated to faithfully replicating the life and times of the Spanish soldiers which fought the British in the American Revolution, and which garrisoned Spain's North American colony of Louisiana for over thirty years.

A Unit Recreated:

 In 2002, individuals who had long replicated soldiers of the unit on their own came together to form a cohesive, single unit.  Since that time, the unit has taken part in various events around Louisiana and the Gulf Coast of the United States, including the annual "Prelude to the Siege of Baton Rouge, 1779" in Vicksburg, Mississippi (site of Spanish Fort Nogales), the Bicentennial Ceremony of the Louisiana Purchase, and various other local events. Our unit is generally based in and around Louisiana, with members also located in Texas, Missouri, Maryland, Mississippi, and Florida as well.  Membership in our unit is open to individuals 16 years of age and older. Basic requirements for participating with our unit are mainly 1) Meet the Uniform Basics and come out to have fun, while always being safety conscious. 2) Be willing to contribute in the betterment of our unit.
We are a family oriented organization. We encourage this.

Yahoo Group Page:
Spanish Louisiana Regiment (Gulf Coast Region/Missouri/Virginia)
The Spanish Louisiana Infantry Regiment is a living history group composed of volunteers. We are dedicated to educating the public of the life and times of Hispanic soldiers, militia and their families in 18th century North America and their contributions to the American Revolution. Activities include research, demonstrations, and reenactments at living history events.

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