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War of 1812

The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain from June 1812 to the spring of 1815, although the peace treaty ending the war was signed in Europe in December 1814. The main land fighting of the war occurred along the Canadian border, in the Chesapeake Bay region, and along the Gulf of Mexico; extensive action also took place at sea

There were several immediate stated causes for the U.S. declaration of war: first, a series of trade restrictions introduced by Britain to impede American trade with France, a country with which Britain was at war (the U.S. contested these restrictions as illegal under international law);second, the impressment (forced recruitment) of U.S. citizens into the Royal Navy; third, the British military support for American Indians who were offering armed resistance to the expansion of the American frontier to the Northwest. An unstated but powerful motivation for the Americans was the desire to uphold national honor in the face of what they considered to be British insults (such as the Chesapeake affair).

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We are a battle reenactment group representing the famous 43rd Regiment of Foot (The Monmouthshire Light Infantry) of the Napoleonic Wars - more specifically of the Penninsula War, the war of 1812 and the Hundred Days. The 43rd later became the first batallion of the King's Royal Rifles.
On November 24, 1812, Maj General Andrew Jackson issued a call to arms , for the defence of New Orleans and the lower Mississippi. These men were ordered to provide themselves with hunting shirts of dark blue or brown, as well as rifles and a blanket.
Men who answered this call saw action in many battles, with both the hostile Indians and the British, from Callabee Creek and the bloody Horseshoe bend and finally on to meet the British at New Orleans.

In the spring of 1814, a fort was erected at the junction of the rivers, where the French Fort Toulouse had once stood. It was here that the remaining hostile Indians, such as William Weathorford, signed the "Treaty of Fort Jackson."

Today, a group of reenactors can show the public what life was like for these men. They portray the unit known as "Donelson's Rangers," who were also the lifeguard of General Jackson.

The group is dedicated to the recreation of the life of the militia soldier at garrison in 1814. They regularly participate in many events, including ones at Horseshoe Bend, and Chalmette National Battlefield, New Orleans. As well as that, there is a regular monthly muster, during which the unit depicts the clothing, weapons, and drill of the militia units of the time. It is the attention to small details that makes the program an outstanding one.
The public is always invited to visit.  Come see the life of the militia in the War of 1812.
A Non-Profit Historical and Educational Organization dedicated to the authentic portrayal of one of the most famous Scottish Highland Regiments in the 19th Century British Army.
If not for the Highland Regiments much of what we now call Scottish Traditions might have been lost forever.

Primary emphasis is on the 1812/Napoleonic era, extending into the Crimean War and Indian Mutiny of the 1850s. Participation at many events nationally includes the annual Battle of New Orleans at Chalmette National Historic Park, where a Wreath is laid and the names of the 93rd who fell at New Orleans are read aloud during a Memorial Ceremony begun by the 93rd SHROFLHU in 1989.
Our organization prides itself not only on attention to historic authenticity but to developing and maintaining that esprit d' corps among its members. Company A is a family. Each member dedicates him or herself to looking out for the other.

Company A 7th Regiment of U.S. Infantry Living History Association was founded in 1988 in Ft. Worth, TX. Originally known as "The Jacksonian Society" it officially took on the designation of Company A, 7th Regiment of United States Infantry in 1989. It has grown from three members to now, twenty years later, over 100. We have members in more than 15 different states and Canada. Within our ranks are Ph.D.'s, historians, attorney's, curators, psychologists, educators, accountants, counselors, park rangers, law enforcement officers, housewives, students  and active duty military personnel. All are dedicated to preserving and recreating the history of this proud regiment during the years spanning 1810-1850.
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