RevWar Parent Organizations

Listed below are the different parent organizations for reenacting the American Revolution.

The Brigade is a non-profit living history association dedicated to recreating the life and times of the common soldier of the American War for Independence, 1775-1783. Members represent elements of all the armies then involved: Continental, Militia, British, Loyalist, German, French, Spanish, and Native American forces plus civilian men, women and children.

Since 1962 the Brigade has been recreating a broad spectrum of the 18th Century. It's activities include military encampments, tactical exercises, firelock shooting competitions, craft demonstrations and social activities. The Brigade also conducts annual schools and educational seminars featuring experts from several fields of 18th Century study.

The Brigade maintains a modest research library and publishes an educational journal, The Brigade Dispatch, a regularly scheduled newsletter, the "Brigade Courier", and periodic instructional booklets and papers.

Membership is open to all persons.
The British Brigade (USA--Ney York, New England)
The British Brigade, Inc. is chartered by the New York State Board of Regents to honor the memories of those British and American soldiers and their families who served their country while fighting and dying for their beliefs and loyalties during the American War of Independence.

We endeavor to portray various aspects of the lives of these men and women by bringing together hundreds of soldiers and campfollowers to educate the public at weekend encampments. A field force of The King's Army in British North America can be seen camped in the manner of the British Army of the period. Here one can see tent lined streets filled with red, blue and green coated men performing their daily duties as well as practicing drills and manoeuvres.

At least twice a weekend the Army forms for battle against the Rebel forces where one can see, amid the clouds of powder smoke and crash of musketry, battalions of men maneuvering into action against their foes. Here infantry, artillery and cavalry recreate the detailed evolutions of the 18th century's most famous army.
Burning of The Valleys Military Association (USA--NEw York, Hudson Valley)
The Burning of the Valleys Military Association [BVMA] is composed of units which reenact, mostly, the Revolutionary War in the Mohawk, Schoharie and Upper Hudson Valleys. The war in the valleys was really a 'civil' war conducted mostly by former neighbors and estranged relatives. In the three year period from 1778 to 1781 a little over two thirds of the valleys were burned to the ground and a little under one third of the civilian population carried away or killed, thus the period was referred to as 'The Destructives'.
The Continental Line, Inc., established in 1987 and incorporated in 1995, is a non-profit educational organization of recreated units representing the Continental Army, the various colonial militias, the Continental Navy, the Continental Marines, and units in the service of the French King during the American Revolution.

The Line, organized to promote a better knowledge and understanding among its member units and the general public of that period in the history of the United States during which our nation won its independence from Great Britain, assembles units from South Carolina to New Hampshire to share in public battle scenarios, 18th Century diversions, as well as various aspects and interpretations of a soldier?s life during the The American Revolution.
(Society of Hessian Military- and Civil History) --To present Hessian history of the 18th and early 19th century in a vivid manner is the main objective of the "Gesellschaft f?r Hessische Militaer- und Zivilgeschichte" (Society of Hessian Military- and Civil History]. Our research on aspects of Hessian history which are sometimes neglected or even misinterpreted is documented in different ways, for example with publications, lectures or exhibitions. But nevertheless living history is our main activity. Using uniforms and accouterments which are reconstructed as close as possible to the originals, we try to take our spectators and ourselves into the world as it might have looked like 200 years ago?
The Northwest Territory Alliance (NWTA) is an American Revolutionary War reeanctment organization located in the American Midwest. We have over five hundred members from states as far west as Iowa, east to Ohio, north to the Canadian border and south to Tennessee.

The NWTA is a non-profit educational organization that studies and recreates the culture, lifestyle, and arts of the time of the American Revolution, 1775-1783. We strive to duplicate the uniforms, weapons, battlefield tactics and camp life of the era as accurately as possible.
The Woodland Confederacy (USA, North East)
The Woodland Confederacy is a historical reenactment organization dedicated to portraying Native Americans of the eastern woodlands. With a membership of over fifty friends and families, we depict the native peoples of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from early colonial contact, to the Seven Years War in America (also known as the French & Indian War) through the American Revolution.

Our name signals our diversity: our members portray people throughout the eastern woodlands. Some of us choose our personae from personal interests, others from personal heritage, some from both. Our range of impressions include Abenaki (Micmac, Cowasuck, Pennacook, Sokoki and St. Francis), Iroquois (Mohawk, Caughnawaga Mohawk, Tuscarora, Seneca), Lenape (also known as Delaware), Odawa, Shawnee, and others. Our presentation of native lifestyles and material culture is based on research and study of the period. Our clothing, foodstuffs, and dwelling places are presented as accurately as possible.

Confederacy members attend many historical events. Most are Seven Years War (French & Indian) or American Revolutionary period reenactments. Some members portray a much earlier time period - the 1600's -- as guests of the Dutch on the ship, Half Moon, that sailed up the Hudson. You will meet us at such places as Fort Niagara; Fort Ticonderoga; Saratoga; Fort Monmouth, NJ; Fortress Louisbourg in Nova Scotia; Fort Number Four in New Hampshire, and at events hosted by the British Brigade and the Brigade of the American Revolution. We are honored to be invited to several "invitation only" events each year. In addition, many of us bring educational outreach presentations to local schools and community events.
Blue Ridge Rifles, Inc.,is an NMLRA charter club, founded in 1976. We are located on 22 acres of the Blue Mountains, approximately one mile from the Appalachian trail just off Rt. 183 in Summit Station, PA. We are a strictly muzzle loading club.
We, the members and officers of Blue Ridge  Rifles, Inc., are  dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the lifestyle, ideals, patriotism, and freedoms of  the  early American  pioneer of the period 1750 to 1850, and as citizens of the United States to protect and defend the rights granted us by the constitution.
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