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On Reenacting the Civil War

Here are some great books actually about reenacting the Civil War, and no, they're not all there is, it's just all we had time for now...

If you don't see a book listed here that you feel we need to have for sale, then PLEASE recommend it to us so that we can add it here!

Ugly Amazon Error page artAttention: You might see this ugly graphic, instead of the book cover which we have so carefully chosen for you to see. Alas, it means the book is not in print or Amazon is out of it NEW or something. It doesn't mean you cannot get it used, and often for CHEAPER... We will be going through and adding direct links to the book title itself, thus allowing you to get to the book's actual page and possibly even find it used. (I like used books!)

The Civil War Reenactors' Encyclopedia by William C. Davis -- Truly awesome in scope and depth, The Civil War Reenactors' Encyclopedia contains an unparalleled wealth of information, covering not only all major battles of the war, but also the uniforms of all major unites - both Union and Confederate - down to the smallest details such as badges and buttons; national, state, and unit flags; and accessories including packs, ammunition boxes, and belt buckles.

Cleverly organized around the major battles of this terrible conflict, The Civil War Reenactors' Encyclopedia begins with an introductory section, which outlines in broad fashion the general-issue uniforms worn by both Confederate and Union troops. The remainder of the book covers each major battle of the war in exhaustive and illuminating detail to make modern reenactments truly come to life, as authentic and historically accurate as possible.

Numerous beautiful and detailed maps show where each army's individual brigades moved during the course of each battle, enabling reenactors to trace the steps of their units exactly. The illustrations accompanying the maps show what a typical member of every important unit that fought in the battle might have worn.

Exhaustively and painstakingly researched, expertly written, and beautifully illustrated in glorious full color with photos, maps and drawings, The Civil War Reenactors' Encyclopedia provides a complete package of information for both the experienced Civil War reenactor and the newcomer to this fascinating hobby.

Reliving the Civil War: A Reenactor's Handbook by Robert Lee Hadden -- A well-written, informative, and reader-friendly book that is a must-have for reenactors! This book has updated information on sutlers and organizations and a new index with subject headings for easy reference.

As Civil War reenacting continues to grow, beginners and enthusiasts need an up-to-date source and guidebook that will keep pace with advances and changes in the hobby. This second edition of the highly successful Reliving the Civil War improves on the firstwith new information on civilian reenacting (especially concerning women and children), a revised bibliography, and updated addresses of sutlers, organizations, and magazines. Also included are expanded discussions regarding virtual regiments, hard-core authenticity, and women in the ranks.

An Introduction to Civil War Civilians by Juanita Leisch -- This book is a great start in understanding what civilian's life was like during the war. It is also a good place to start if you're going to do reenactment. It's an excellent overview of civilian customs, fashions, etiquette, and the mindset of the times along with being a great resource for the new civil war enthusiast or civilian reenactor. It has fun intresting facts and great photos. This is a great overview of a neglected area of study and if you are thinking of getting into CW civilian reenacting, this is the FIRST book you should buy, as it will familiarize you with the overall cultural and social framework of the era, thereby helping you get your individual interpretation / impression right.
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