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Imperial Roman,
Suggested Reading List

Books... most reenactors have huge libraries and this period deserves no less... The first section here are books directly useful to the reenactor, not having so much emphasis on rusted bits of metal and their interpretation as others do. Scholarly works are fine, but not always the best for the reenactor.

And yeah, the first part is "Osprey-heavy"... why? Because they serve a good purpose; not only to give one a good grounding in a subject, but also they have COLOUR plates, which make things come alive. There are other books of course, and the first one I list is Dan Peterson's The Roman Legions Recreated in Colour Photographs. This book is SO excellent and it shows the kit in colour photographs -- that alone is worth it. Instead of looking at drawings or at best, colour paintings, you have real photos of people wearing and using this gear!

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Almost last note: If you don't see a book listed here that you feel we need to have for sale, then PLEASE recommend it to us so that we can add it here!

Ugly Amazon Error page artAttention: You might see this ugly graphic, instead of the book cover which we have so carefully chosen for you to see. Alas, it means the book is not in print or Amazon is out of it NEW or something. It doesn't mean you cannot get it used, and often for CHEAPER... We will be going through and adding direct links to the book title itself, thus allowing you to get to the book's actual page and possibly even find it used. (I like used books!)

Anyway, we have a new bookstore system which will soon replace this. PHP-powered and it won't be messed up by the ad-blocker program.

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