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Other Wars from 1800-1860

Seminole Wars

The Seminole Wars, (1817-18, 1835-42, 1855-58), three conflicts between the United States and the Seminole Indians of Florida in the period before the American Civil War, that ultimately resulted in the opening of the Seminole's desirable land for white exploitation and settlement.

The First Seminole War

The First Seminole War (1817-18) began over attempts by U.S. authorities to recapture runaway black slaves living among Seminole bands. Under General Andrew Jackson, U.S. military forces invaded the area, scattering the villagers, burning their towns, and seizing Spanish-held Pensacola and St. Marks. As a result, in 1819 Spain was induced to cede its Florida territory under the terms of the Transcontinental Treaty.

The Second Seminole War

The Second Seminole War (1835-42) followed the refusal of most Seminoles to abandon the reservation that had been specifically established for them north of Lake Okeechobee and to relocate west of the Mississippi River. Whites coveted this land and sought to oust the Seminoles under the Indian Removal Act. Led by their dynamic chief Osceola, the Seminole warriors hid their families in the Everglades and fought vigorously to defend their homeland, using guerrilla tactics. As many as 2,000 U.S. soldiers were killed in this prolonged fighting, which cost the government between $40,000,000 and $60,000,000. Only after Osceola's capture while parleying under a flag of truce did Indian resistance decline. With peace, most Seminoles agreed to emigrate.

The Third Seminole War

The Third Seminole War (1855-58) resulted from renewed efforts to track down the Seminole remnant remaining in Florida. It caused little bloodshed and ended with the United States paying the most resistant band of refugees to go West.

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The "Florida Frontier Guard" (or FFG for short) is an unincorporated association of like minded reenactors intirested in interpreting the service of United States military personnel in Florida during theSeminole Wars of the 1818-1858 period; specifically those who served as "citizen soldiers" in the various militia and volunteer units which participated in these conflicts.
     During the Second Seminole War (1835-1842) alone roughly 30,000 militia and volunteer troops were used to support the US Army's operations in the Florida Territory. Many of these were volunteers served terms of three, six, or twelve months in US Army service.
Our organization prides itself not only on attention to historic authenticity but to developing and maintaining that esprit d' corps among its members. Company A is a family. Each member dedicates him or herself to looking out for the other.

Company A 7th Regiment of U.S. Infantry Living History Association was founded in 1988 in Ft. Worth, TX. Originally known as "The Jacksonian Society" it officially took on the designation of Company A, 7th Regiment of United States Infantry in 1989. It has grown from three members to now, twenty years later, over 100. We have members in more than 15 different states and Canada. Within our ranks are Ph.D.'s, historians, attorney's, curators, psychologists, educators, accountants, counselors, park rangers, law enforcement officers, housewives, students  and active duty military personnel. All are dedicated to preserving and recreating the history of this proud regiment during the years spanning 1810-1850.

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