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Ancient Greek Groups/Units

Here's the place to find units and groups that portray Ancient Greeks. Look around, check out some links, maybe even eat some feta and a gyro... :-)

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Greek Reenactor and Historical Websites

The Greek Warriors (North East USA)
The Greek Warriors is a living history organization based in the New York City area. We represent Ancient Greek warriors in full Greek armor from head to toe. Spears, shields, and Corinthian helmets with tall horse hair crests, are all part of having a living history demonstration performed for you. See ancient Greek warriors live! We are available for the following kinds of events:

Film and Television
Greek Civic and Cultural Events
Greek Festivals - one of our favorite types of events
Conventions and Special Events
Greek Army Talk, a forum on Roman Army Talk for serious discussion of ancient Greek and Hellenistic military history and archaeology.

This is run by the same group who does the famous Roman Army Talk (RAT) board.
This site deals mainly with reconstructing the hoplite of the Persian War era, 490-480 BC, which is the most popular with reenactors.  However I will also add some guidelines for earlier and later gear as well, e.g. 7th-6th centuries BC, Peloponnesian War (c.430-400 BC), and Hellenistic (Alexander and later).  I have noticed that many people collecting Greek equipment have no guidance beyond movies and the advertisements written by vendors, so this site will attempt to lay out some basic information and recommendations.  My research has hardly been exhaustive, but this should get you started.

This is NOT an attempt to start an ancient Greek living history group or hoplite unit!!  If you want to do something like that, go for it, and sign me up, but I myself am far too swamped to found a whole new group.  The descriptions of equipment and construction will not be as in-depth and thorough as on the Twentieth Legion site, but feel free to contribute more if you can.
Based in the UK, the Hoplite Association was formed in 2001 as the world’s first re-enactment society solely dedicated to recreating the life and experiences of the Classical Greek period. The benefits of being a dedicated group have enabled us to develop a wide variety of characters, activities and demonstrations for our historical displays, which we undertake at various sites across the country during the re-enactment season.
The Hetairoi (Germany/Austria)
The group Hetairoi (gr. “Companions”) was founded in 2005. The goal was to reconstruct life in ancient Greece and its neighboring cultures from the late Archaic era to the Hellenistic empires after the conquests of Alexander the Great. Instead of focusing only on the military life, the Hetairoi are particularly committed to also reconstruct the civil life of the time. In summer of 2012 the registered society “Hetairoi e.V.” was founded. It is based in Speyer, Germany.

Starting with only a handful of members, the group has nowadays grown to more than a dozen of active reenactors scattered over all of Germany and Austria. Many of our members also work on multiple impressions, which enables us to present a large spectrum of the ancient Greek world on our events. The impressions include archaic and classical Hoplites, warriors from southern italy, Macedonians of Alexander the Great, Persian noblemen and Hellenistic Ladys. In close cooperation with the Austrian group “Gentes Danubii“, the Hetairoi are the only group in western europe, who can present a large part of the pre-roman ancient world.

The group is glad to attend events in museums or visit schools and universities.
The Warriors of Greece (South East USA)
The Warriors of Greece are a volunteer award-winning living history reenactment group.  We are an elite unit of Ancient Greek Hoplite Warriors dedicated to preserving the ideals and memory of the brave Spartans and other Greek troops of the 5th century B.C. by participating in various celebrations of proud, defiant Greek independence, heritage and culture whenever and wherever possible at festivals, parades, school lectures, reenactment gatherings, public appearances and more.  We are always looking for new members!

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