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Ancient Greek Reenacting

Matt Amt in his Greek Hopelite Impression!
Matt Amt in his Greek Hopelite Impression!
From his website gestolen

"Sing goddess, of the anger of Achilleus, son of Peleus, the accursed anger which brought uncounted anguish on the Achaians and hurled down to Hades many mighty souls of heroes, making their bodies the prey to dogs and the birds' feasting.." the ILIAD

Greek warfare from the Trojan War to Alexander the Great covers over a thousand years and has some of the world's best known warrior heroes, real and fictional. Achilles, Hector, Ajax, Odysseus, as well as Miltiades, Socrates, the Spartans at Thermopolae and the Athenians at Marathon.

The debate over what was 'Greek' rages on. The city-states on the Peloponesian peninsula had widely varied politics and economies. But Greeks shared a common language, shared gods and heroes, and came together as Greeks on the occasions of the great events and games such as the Olympics.

Because of their use of bronze and the images on their pottery a lot more is known about Greek armor than Roman. Greek armor styles influenced the Italians, and shows up in early Etruscan and Roman depictions. The Greeks settled widely around the Mediterranean, but other than Alexander, did not conquer much outside their homeland. Perhaps because of that Greek military reenactment is much less common than Roman.

Roman reenactors at Marathon

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