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Title: 2nd Battalion - The Lancashire Fusiliers.
Post by: Findabetterole on May 10, 2007, 02:51:19 pm
Hello Chums,

This is of interest to all, but mainly for those members in the California area.

Due to the lack of British WW.1 reenactment units on the west coast, I'm forming a British Regiment for (initially) the California area. The regiment will take up the 'Kings Shilling' in the guise and representation of The 2nd Battalion:The Lancashire Fusiliers..

Regimental Regulations and S-O-P's, under the guidence of Kings Regulations- 1912.. are being drawn up in preparation of Regimental forming, which is forcast for the first quarter of 2008 (earlier if intrest dictates).

As of this date/time, I have seven individuals who have shown an interest in taking up the 'King's Shilling' to join the 2nd Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers. The requirements of joining the 'GWHA' are that a unit requires a compliment of eight or more ranks. I would like to approach the 'GWHS' to say that the 2nd Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers meets that criteria.

There is a long road ahead in order for the regt to be recognised officially, but with a core of dedicated individuals...  WE CAN DO IT.

UPDATE: 1st June 2007.
The forming of the 2/LF is brought forward to the above date; this has been desided due to the interest obtained.

The 2nd Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers will be a unit of dedicated, professional individuals, who mean to show in their impression, that we honour historically and acurately..... those who's uniform and Cap Badge we wear, and who's lifestyle we portray.

... 'At the going down of the sun, and in the morning... WE WILL REMEMBER THEM!'

Names of all interested individuals, please contact me via my email address =

Title: Re: 2nd Battalion - The Lancashire Fusiliers.
Post by: Findabetterole on October 19, 2007, 04:03:22 pm
UPDATE: 19th October 2007.

As of this date, including myself, the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers has '4' dedicated members who are actively getting kit and uniform together. There are another 27 interested individuals, but out of those I am certain that another '4' will take up the 'King's Shilling'. We will meet the public for the first time as an operational WW.1 reenactment/living history group.. in April 2008 at the timeline event: 'History of Heroes'... here in Bakersfield, California.

On 8th August 2014, the 'War to end ALL wars', World War One, will see its centenary. It is anticipated that Europe will be holding some very moving, sentimental and heart rending rememberance celebrations. Myself and present 2/LF members are in great anticipation of being there to be a part of this once in a lifetime experance. How about joining us and have fun doing so? Interested individuals are requested to contact me in the first instance at:

... 'At the going down of the sun, and in the morning... WE WILL REMEMBER THEM!'

Title: Re: 2nd Battalion - The Lancashire Fusiliers.
Post by: Findabetterole on December 15, 2007, 02:40:01 pm
UPDATE: 15th December 2007.

Hello everyone! Things are moving smoothly ahead with the regiment, and we have great expectations for 2008. We are now '5' dedicated members, of various financial means, actively putting our impression together.

Nagotiations have been taking place, and are near completion for a permanant location to develope a WW.1 trench system.

Will you be there to experiance this unique opportunity? Will you be one of those individuals standing upon the sidelines... watching units like mine enjoying ourselves, getting 'down-n-dirty', learning about The Great War period first hand, and making new friends in the process?

We are just below our target for this year-2007 to have an infantry half section = '7' ranks. Our goal for 2008 is a full infantry section = '14' ranks and an MG (machine gun) team of '5' ranks, thus a total of '19' ranks.

As a unit, we police ourselves by honouring the contempary regulations of the period = Kings Regulations and Orders for the Army: 1912, + any and all connected contempary MOD (Ministry of Defence) and MOD approved documents and pamphlettes. Apart from the aforementioned 'KR's, all we ask of you is the following:
1) You are willing to have a great time, make new friends and have fun whilst doing so.
2) You agree to abide by and honour the above 'KR's.
3) You agree to (whilst in uniform) maintain a period appearance for haircut, and no facial hair other than upon the top lip..  trimmed as contempary to period.
4) You agree to portray a WW.1 member of the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers in total contempary.
5) You make a concerted effort to put together in your first year (date to start from enlistment) the basic LF uniform.
6) You agree to abibe by the rulings of your superiors within the regiment = Officers & Nco's.
The above '6' requests are none-negotiable, and together with our regimental SOP's (Standing Operational Procedures) form the basis of our regiments Rules and Regulations. 

We think that the above requests are fair, and with '5' active members since our forming of May 2007... we must have got it right. If you think as we do, are looking for a reenactment/living history group that is going places... look no further. We will be waiting to hear from you. For those who like what they have read so far, and wish to know more, please make your initial enquiry to me at the following email address:

UPDATE: 16th December 2007

As a direct result of yesterdays post.... we are now '6' in number, just '1' rank short of this years target due to another dedicated individual accepting 'The King's Shilling!'

... 'At the going down of the sun, and in the morning... WE WILL REMEMBER THEM!'

Title: Re: 2nd Battalion - The Lancashire Fusiliers.
Post by: Findabetterole on January 25, 2008, 04:13:02 pm
Sephton Allen
RSM: 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

UPDATE: 2nd APRIL 2008

The 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers is growing stronger! We also now have a regular trench site. See us on the following website:
Upon the home-page, click upon the word 'Units' (found on the left of the page) then click upon the 'Union Jack' flag. Scroll down to the third Union Jack flag and click upon the battalion name beneath.... your now viewing the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

As you'll notice, the battalion website is undergoing construction, but please do not let that deter you. Don't miss out...  contact me... 'TODAY!'

... 'At the going down of the sun, and in the morning... WE WILL REMEMBER THEM!'