Front page


You have almost an complete control of what you want on your front page. You can pick from showing articles, panels, blocks, forum posts, single article, or even a featured article. Or better yet, a mix of these options mentioned. Heck, if you don't want to dress up your frontpage, you could even choose to go straight to the forum index. How cool is that?

If you wish to show articles or forum posts on your front page, you can select what kind of layout you want for articles, or what boards to show forum posts from. You can even choose how many articles and forum posts you want to appear on your frontpage...

To see these options, go to: "TinyPortal > Settings > Frontpage".


When it comes to the frontpage, the user just doesn't have any direct options. However the user does has some indirect options available in the panels and blocks...

Assuming the admin has given you or your membergroup permission to do so, a block or panel can be collapsed and ignored. This is an On-The-Fly setting often located within the header/title of the block(for blocks) or below the copyright(for panels), controlled by a little image/icon.

This is a summary. For the complete documentation, please browse our Frontpage Documentation.