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Hello, so, you've just joined our new Living History Forum and perhaps there's not too many postings yet... or, perhaps you've not seen anyone you know or just feel intimidated :-0 Well, don't! We all had to start somewhere... Just jump right into the forums. If you don't see a thread you like in the forums, start a new one!! Just try and put it in the right Forum. As to content... who cares, as long as it's not illegal, hateful, racist or something like that: GO FOR IT! To make things even better, it takes everyone contributing. Hey, wanna see a catagory for period recipes or something? We can do it, simply ask. Or post them in "Off Topic" This Forum can be whatever you want it to be!!

We are trying to make this a fun place for our members! We want you to have a good experience rediscovering old friends and perhaps, making new ones here. And, for that matter, we've added a "mod" to let you buy people a beer!  ;) IF they have entered their paypal name in their profile (right now the field says ":" instead of PayPal (we're working on it)), you can buy 'em a beer! Anyway, once they've added their paypal, you'll see a beer mug by their name in posts.  ;D Just click it and you can buy them a beer! I hope to have this easier to find and use real soon, but it IS there now to use!

Something you might also want to do is to make your profile a bit more complete. We really want to see your real name in your signature (you can call it your "muggle" name). You can upload a photo to go w/ your posts if you'd like. Smile, breathe, it'll be okay! You can send me a PM (private message) by clicking the "PM" button below my posts.

A last note: Before you take off looking through the Forums, how about going and reading The Rulez at:

Well hello there!  Greetings to all.

Heck. Is this thing on?



A real forum. Awesome.

Marloes signing in!


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