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Oh, are we doing introductions? Let's do introductions...

I started doing medieval (1066) living history in 1990 with Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia... also did 1485 Swiss for a little while, 1529 Landsknecht (German) for five years and have been in the SCA on and off since 1992. Haven't done any in a while and haven't updated the Middle Ages or Celtic r.Net pages in a while but Marsh won't let me escape. I did the bulk of the Middle Ages section.

I work in a law firm, play roller derby or skate 4x a week, like taking photos and am putting them on a Smugmug account now. Am getting my armor together to start doing SCA heavy combat. Odds are one of these hobbies is going to break my bones... with my luck it will be the photography  :-X

I would like to do WWII living history when I can find the money for it and decide if I want to hang out with the Axis or Allies.

Oh, and I'm female, if you couldn't tell from the picture.

Greetings cats and kittens! I've been a lurker on many groups, Yahoo and when I read that this forum was finally open I couldn't help but rush right over. :)

Just a brief rundown on what brings me here, I have interests in pre-Christian history up to the Viking Age, mainly just that of the Northern Europeans and early to mid 20th century German history. I've been interested in reenacting both, but due to life's responsibilities I haven't been able to commit to anything including any specific groups. However, in a few months, I will have a lot more free time on my hands to do with as I please...well, when I'm not playing the stay-at-home-dad role. ;D

I've had an interest in WW2 Germany for quite sometime and have only begun fully researching various areas of this era about 18 months ago. I'm nearing a complete Heer impression but have slowed my progress owing to a shift in paths. Thanks to a prior criminal conviction years ago, I cannot own a firearm which leaves me as an unsuitable candidate for most reenacting groups. So I've decided to focus on WW2 Airsoft Reenacting instead, with hopes of adding more authenticity to this hobby than what is commonly expected...along with finding more stuff to argue with Marsh about. ;)


LAH Thaler:
Greetings All:

Been a long time member of the Wehrmacht List and now with the new forum.  Looking forward to more interesting topics and discussion related to WWII German forces.

Im Besten,
Dale Taylor
Kommandeur, 1.LSSAH

I have also been a member of the WH list as well and found it to be helpful. I am glad you finally got a forum put up Marsh! :)


I'm Tom May, Founder member of the Great War Society (UK based).
Generally signing myself as either "Tom the Walrus" or "Tom (in London)"
I've been involved in LH since anout 1974/5, starting with the Napoleonic Association and then the English Civil War Society.
I've been involved with Great War LH since the formation of the GWS (4th August 1984).

Is that enough for an introduction?

Tom the Walrus


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