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thanks for the welcome Johnnie....I have  no documented Scot blood  but  have  always had a fascination with the country and people...Great warriors...fierce  friends...tough enemies...My girl  and I are going to  Scotland  and  Ireland  for 11 days  in  April  2012.  5 days  in Scotland  and  6 days  in  Ireland.  Phil K. aka "Beegum"  3rd Mass. Provincial Regt./ F&I War

Hello from west central Illinois.Just's so's yah know,I'am not a complete idiot ,I have part's missing.

Best to you, Prussian !

Cheerio, Johnnie, 93rd Highlanders 1854-56.

Karl Helweg:
It seems odd that we have so few new member and posts(?)

Karl Helweg:
Any way, if you just cannot seem to register to this forum and have an event that you would like posted you can e-mail me.  I am not super fast at checking my e-mail though.   THEKarlMarx -at- .   


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