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Greetings gentle viewer... I am posting this to turn you onto a neat feature that you might know about on this forum. It shows you if there's a new message since you've last logged on! When you log-on to the Forum, you'll notice the icons to the left...

This one means there's nothing new in that thread that you've not seen: 

This one means there's something new in the main part of the Time/Area:

And this last, means that there is something in one of the sub boards of that board or Time/Area...

Easy once you know what it means and it allows you, at a glance to see if there's a new posting. There's also a link that says "View all new posts"  ;)

I'll go over more later.
P.S. Don't forget about putting your paypal name inyour profile so people can buy you a beer!  ;D


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