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I have been asked how to post photograpsh her einthe Forums... First, you need to host your pix somewhere (photobucket is free and popular). Then, click this button and put the url of the photo between the [ img ] tags.

Also, the help section for this forum works pretty good... You can learn some good ways to post stuff or how to use some of the features. I am trying to make the font size and fonts easier. Bear w/ us. Anyway. that's be how you post photos. You CAN post more than one pix in a topic... just keep adding the img tags.

Hi there,
I am trying to post pic for my file and figure out pics in general.Keep getting a error message. :-\
I'll keep trying,lol :)

Which file? Do you mean your personal photo? I fso, it has size limits (I forget what they are, but it tells you) Or ar eyou trying to post event pix. If so, you need something like photobucket or flikr... they have free photo accounts. Does that help??

Thanks for the help.Got photobucket set up yesterday and added website to profile.Hope that's a good start for folks to check things out. :)
Thanks for everything,

And w/ the photobucket account, you can then post pix to this Forum :-) I look forward to seeing your pix!!
Best, Marsh


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