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Welcome to reenactor.Net's 1800 to 1860 Time/Area. What is that exactly? Well, a lot really: the Napoleonic War, the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War and the Crimean War. Quite a lot to cover, but quite important wars, as wars go.




Click here for some listings for
1800-1860 Units and Groups

Hopefully we will have more listings and info as time goes on. Keep an eye on this T/A as we shall be giving it a face-lift and an update.

  • Napoleonic is very big in Europe, but still in its infancy in the United States. But... saying that, NapWar has the potential to be as big as U.S. Civil War reenacting. It has everything you could want in a reenactment... ;-)
  • War of 1812 is building up and since its bicentennial will be here soon, expect to see more of this exciting time period.
  • Mexican-American War is small, but again, the numbers are growing -- if you live in the South-West United States, MexWar might be for you!
  • Crimean War is more popular in Europe, but again, something that is reenacted and an interesting time period.

All in all, a pretty exciting time period. Give it a look and PLEASE, if you find a link that doesn't work or a problem, let us know!

*Special thanks to Mr. Pendlebury (Napflags), for the use of his excellent flag art.


Some NapWar event photos so you may see just how exciting this time period is!
Thanks to Fritz Bronner for the photos on this page!



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