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waterloo village , stanhope nj


so i am one of the bidders for the reopening of Waterloo village in stanhope, NJ. i am looking for a few more people to help fill in some of the positions.

what I'm looking for : period craft persons spinners, broom makers, candle makers, bakers, blacksmiths and so on , and some regular "Town " People.

what the position would take: the village will only be open on weekends until we have more of the building open . April Thur DEC. it is a VOLUNTEER position for right now .once we get people coming back to the village we will be able to not only open the gate more often , but to offer a small salary

let me know if anyone is interested and i will give you the details of what i need form you.

Do you have a website??

no , until we are the winning bidder we can't have a website. right now it is still not ours. but we need to show that we can fill all the opsitions that the village has open , and that requires that i find more re-enactors and craft persons to fill in when we need to.


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