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hello ,

I'm not sure where  I should post this . My Living History Group is planning a Civil War Weekend with re-enactors , settlers ,  civilian camps , and games for the children . I am trying to locate a Lee , Grant , and Lincoln Interpreter. I was wondering if anyone knows how I might be able to find one .

The event would take place in northern NJ , and be a three day event ( Fir. , Sat. , and Sun. ) . if anyone is interested or knows how to get in touch with the re-enactors that I am looking for please contact me .

Ah too bad it's not in the Illinois area.  I know an excellent couple that does the Lincoln thing.  Max and Donna Daniels.  Max is the best Lincoln I have met in the 14 years I have been doing ACW.  They are great people.

We often say that Lincoln was a Max Daniels impersonator.  LOL  We had a grant in this area too, but I think Bob no longer does that.  Or at least I haven't seen him around.  We even used to have a Local Lee but he passed on sometime ago.

There is an association of Lincoln Presentors IIRC.  You might wanna search for that.  They should be able to hook you up with a Local Lincoln.


Dave ,

thank you so much I think i am set with Lincolns and i found a Grant . I am hoping that Grant will be able to make it , so I just need a Lee .
thank you again ,



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