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Are you interested in this time period? Want to help out new people in the hobby, to guide them along... to be a resource for your fellow reenactors and living historians... well, we need you here on reenactor.Net! How? well, we need a Time/Area Webmaster for this period. It does have some bennies beyond fame... you can get books and stuff for doing reviews and you can help your unit recruit, etc. There are other bennies, but my mind is mush right now as I write this.

What do you need to do this job?
Well, some idea of how html and websites work. The ability and commitment to work on your area and keep it updated would also be a nice attribute. If you think you might have what it takes, pm me here.

What would be involved in becoming a moderator?  I wouldn't mind doing it for the Pyrate era or whatever but I just need to know what I would have to do..


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