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Looks like I'm the first to post in the Confederate area.   ;D   Hope there will be more rebs posting soon.  I'm with Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital in NC.  So I hope a medical section can be added also.

hello catspjamas ,

sorry i'm really not a " cinfederate " i'm more a Union  but i just wanted to say hi . i see that your group is a field group . I wish our group would do more with that. It must be great to show that kind of thing .

well see you around.

Shouldn't a medical section be best posted under the main heading as both sides used pretty much the same medical techonlogy? (or lack there of?)

someone can start one . i am sure that catspjamas and i would like it . there have to be others who would too.  also hello to you .

Ohhh OK my intrest in Civil War leans more towards the obsure aspects of the fighting, tatical and stragitic.  So I'll let others with an intrest in the lack of Civil War medicine take that on (OK, I'll stop edtiorializing :P), I am aware that infection killed more then bullets, that the standard level of care was to amputate the limb that was hit.  I'm just surprised not to see a over and over again doctors looking at a belly wound as an example of something they could not amputat and giving them a shot or 2 of whisky and "giving them up to god" to quote a movie, though in that case it was 10cc of morphine or something like that.  I'd not do research to add to a medical section, as I feel I've seen enough doctors already, but I'd gladly read any that others would like to share, my only cavet is no pics of anything bloody!

I also know many women served as nurses and care givers, but it's not my thing.  Between caring for another's wounds or inflicting them..... hmmmm I'll have to think on that! but I'd go for the long range do the damage and fall back, hospitals give me the heebeejeebies (yes that is a medical condition and term, don't beleive me? look it up!  :-* )

and thank you for the welcome.


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