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How to use the Calendar sections and link your event to the calendar, UPDATED!!


I know many of you are interested in posting your event and also finding out about other events to attend. Here we go...

First, post a new thread in the appropriate time/area for your event about your event! Next, at the bottom of the page, there is a button that says click that and fill out the calendar info and it will be linked on the calendar.

UPDATE!! When using the "link to calendar" section, be sure to change the Event Title by naming your event and adding the location, (example: Civil War Days, Gettysburg, PA)  Space is limited to 30 characters!!  So keep your title short, but please, at least put the state's initials in the title!

If your event is for more than 1 day, please use the repeating option. Simply choose how it will repeat (every: day, week, month vs the first, second, third "day" of every month, year, etc...)  Also important, you must choose an end date if you use the repeating option!!  Not listing an end date will post your event on every day of the calendar!!  Don't worry, if you make that mistake you may edit your event on the calendar by clicking on the red asterisk :))

No, it's not as hard as it sounds... rather easy actually.

PLEASE, give it a look and then post your events there. If you don't see an event we should have, by all means, put it there. Just make sure you have the correct information for the event. I feel this will be a very useful tool for reenactors and event organizers too!!

If you have any questions on this, a moderator will be glad to help you  ;)
Best, Marsh

Happy to see people are using the calendar, but please include location in the topic.

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
Sorry, But its not always possible , there are only 30 little spaces as to which to put things and if the name of said event is long well you get the picture....  ???
--- Quote from: lilkender on May 12, 2008, 03:23:09 PM ---Happy to see people are using the calendar, but please include location in the topic.

--- End quote ---


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