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F&I War Living History Event


Hey Folks...A nice little event at Fort McClary in Kittery Point, ME.  Minutes from outlet stores in Kittery Maine.   AND  lots of GREAT seafood real close TOO !

Is there a website and/or contact info  :)

Info requested:  Contact info for Fort McClary, Kittery Point, ME.  You can find the Friends of Fort McClary at Contact person for the F&I War event on 16-17 June, 2012 is Larry Aiello  207-439-1642.The site was updated in March of 2012. Has photos and info on 2012 events.

   The other F&I War event, Fort No. 4, Charlestown, NH. is going on as I type this...or being washed out by heavy rains.  Still may happen on Sunday June 3rd, 2012,  There is talk of the SUN coming out.  That site info it has been updated for the year.  This is my favorite spot.  Love the people here and the atmosphere. VERY Friendly.      Hope you get a chance to enjoy these sites/events in person or at least learn about them on their websites.   Phil Kirdulis, aka:   Beegum


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