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93rd Sutherland Highlanders marching out to begin the 2013 campaign


April 20-21, Glendale MD, MTT or Marching Thru Time event at Marietta Mansion. A military timeline event held on a rather nice site. Lots to see & do ! Drop by mid 1800s area and say hi.

April 27, Prince Frederick MD, the Southern Maryland Highland Games, see 35th annual at Jefferson Patterson Park, see, a celebration of Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Briton & Manx heritage; lots to see and do at a pretty good event. Come by historical area & say hi !!! I'll be the guy in the red coat & tall feather bonnet.

Cheers, Johnnie, 93rd Sutherland Highlanders 1854-56 Crimean War period reenactors.

Greetings. Success at both recent events ! Stay tuned for the news !

Cheers, John Hoffman , 93rd Highlanders 1854-56 Crimean War period.


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