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Hey all.
     My family and I just PCSed from the Columbus Ohio area to Fort Campbell Kentucky and we are living in Tennessee.  i was wondering if any one new of any events in the area.  We are French and Indian War era people but anything from timeline events to whatever would be wonderful.  Please let me know whats out there.  I need to get geared up.  My M.O.L.L.E. gear and A.C.H.  are getting worn way to much around here.

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
Hello , I'm up in Indiana don't know KY & TN all that well . I found a few events in Ky and only one in TN . Are you familiar with Ft Boonesborough , KY there are a few events there in the next couple of months . .                                          Nov .21-22 Thanksgiving Garrison at Fort Watauga , Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area , Elizabethton , TN . Contact Cindy Jordan ; 423-543-5808 or .... I hope this is of some help . A good place to look is Smoke & Fire News their paper is a good place to look for local events . If I can be of any more help drop me a line . Bonnie


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