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unusual Mcclellan saddle


horace hockey:
I recently purchased a very old, but well preserved Mc clellan type saddle. However, it has 2 modifications on it that I cannot find any history on.  Here is the rundown

The basic frame is definitely Mc clellan. The stirrup Ds are about one inch back from the pommel.  I found what appears to be the letters f.e.e. stamped on the original skirt.  The large circle rigging ring appears to be iron.  An english style fender and a more western type seat has been added. This seat is basically a leather "slipcover fastened over the cantle and 2/3 of the way towards the pommel.  Behind the cantle , are 2 ring assys. and the hook, but no ring in the top center. 

horace hockey:
I can email pix by request if you can help me.


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