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Title: Cars
Post by: adam on October 17, 2007, 04:36:54 pm
So, this thought came to me as I walked past my Grandpa's '28 Model T for the millionth time today, but I was wondering about cars in 1930's/40's Europe. Has anyone dove into this topic?

I've been reading about the Model T in Europe here: I gathered that it was available, if not necessarily well-received.

Any thoughts?

Title: Re: Cars
Post by: Philonivs Maximvs on October 18, 2007, 02:21:45 pm
Not sure about model T's... I'd say that you would see one of those before you'd see anything like a Buick Century (the vintage car *I* want, 1939 to be specific)! I know that Citroen was popular in France of course... I know a guy in KS that has a 1935 one, and I've seen one out up around here at Rockford, IL and Lowell, IN. I'd say that French, Italian, and maybe some German autos would work, depending on where the scenario is supposed to be of course. Russia? Probably no civilian autos! Substitute with horses & mules  :)

The western European car thing would be worth researching........
Title: Re: Cars
Post by: adam on October 19, 2007, 11:04:35 am
Yeah, I kind of figured a Model T would be a little out of place at a reenactment. They're so hard to sell now, though, and I kind of figured I wouldn't have a hard time getting my hands on the one next door. The big thing is that I would hate to see it turned into a hot rod (even though I've threatened buying it and hot rodding it myself.), and, to be honest, that's probably what will end up happening. I think I've seen the one at Lowell on one of my visits. I looked up Renaults online, as well. Unfortunatly there's not a whole lot of info floating around. Interesting stuff on Renault himself, though.

Overall, though, definitely a topic worth some more research.
Title: Re: Cars
Post by: Philonivs Maximvs on October 19, 2007, 12:36:04 pm
Well, the Russians did copy the model-T: the GAZ jeep, believe it or not! Pretty much a model-T under the skin.

NOOO!!! No hot rod!!! Original condition, all the way :) Sorry, I have a lot of rod/greaser friends here, and I seem to be in a minority of guys that want to keep things original.

A class of car was popular over there at the time, and I can't think of the type.... it looks like a car turned into a tiny pickup truck, almost El Camino-ish, if that makes sense, only smaller. The Brits made them, and I know I've seen them in pictures from France & Holland. Anyway, that seems to be a popular vehicle you might run into in small towns or in the country.... aside from that, most rural people in Europe at the time didn't have too many cars. Gasoline was also rationed over there during the occupation, requisitioned by the Germans & all. Perhaps if Joeri chimed in here, she might be able to tell us how it was in Holland... *hint hint*