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Frontier Era Buckskinning and
Muzzleloading Shooting Groups

On this page, you'll find links to websites that belong to either Buckskinning or Muzzleloading Shooting Groups. Both modern blackpowder and period reenactment groups are represented here.

This is a good place to get started in joining a group--find one located near you and visit their site. E-mail them and ask questions to see if this is the group for you. Soon, you'll be on your way to a great new hobby! We encourage you to visit these sites and ask questions.

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Alabama State Muzzleloading Association (USA, AL)--Dedicated to the promotion of the safe and responsible use of muzzle loading firearms for hunting and target shooting and to the preservation of the history of early American firearms. To promote higher standards of sportsmanship and good fellowship among those that participate in such sport.                                          Club: Alabama State Muzzleloaders Association  
Contact: Joyce Gladden  
P.O. Box 2134  
Clanton, AL  35046  
(205) 755-0610  
Crazy Crow Trading Post is pleased to provide this Native American Indian Powwow & Mountain Man Rendezvous calendar listing to both promote these events and organizations and to assist you in learning of them.
Blue Ridge Rifles, Inc.,is an NMLRA charter club, founded in 1976. We are located on 22 acres of the Blue Mountains, approximately one mile from the Appalachian trail just off Rt. 183 in Summit Station, PA. We are a strictly muzzle loading club.
We, the members and officers of Blue Ridge  Rifles, Inc., are  dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the lifestyle, ideals, patriotism, and freedoms of  the  early American  pioneer of the period 1750 to 1850, and as citizens of the United States to protect and defend the rights granted us by the constitution.

Alabama State Muzzleloading Association (USA, AL)--Dedicated to the promotion of the safe and responsible use of muzzle loading firearms for hunting and target shooting and to the preservation of the history of early American firearms. To promote higher standards of sportsmanship and good fellowship among those that participate in such sport.
Arizona Cactus Cappers (USA, AZ)--The Arizona Cactus Cappers is an NMLRA chartered muzzle loading gun club, one of the many user groups that sponsor matches at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility - Phoenix, Arizona

Armory Hill Living History Association (USA, CA-North State)--We are a re-enacting group and resource for other re-enactors focusing on pre-1840 American history. The Web site offers information on many aspects of the hobby including camp and trail cooking, character development, newcomer tips, product reviews and feature articles.


Black Hawk War Society 5th Regiment U.S. Infantry, Capt. Highsmith's Company, 2nd Regiment (USA)--We are a group dedicated to the Black Hawk War of Illinois and Wisconsin, 1831-1832. We attend various living history and reenacment events in the Illinois and Wisconsin areas.

Blue River Longrifles (USA, IN)--NMLRA Chartered Club. The Blue River Longrifles, Inc. were founded in 1983. We are a Charter Club in both the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association, and the National Rifle Association. The object of the club is to encourage and advance organized shooting of Muzzle Loading Firearms, and to promote higher standards of sportsmanship, safety, and good fellowship among those who participate in such sports.
Brookings Renegades (USA, SD)--Home page of the Brookings Renegades - Brookings, South Dakota
Blue Ridge Rifles Inc. - (USA , Summit Station , PA)
Bell's Fort Free Trappers-(USA , Pueblo , CO)
The Colorado State Muzzle Loading Association- (USA ,CO)
Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association Inc. -(USA , Wichita , KS ) - The Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association was founded in 1957 in Wichita , Kansas as a not-for-profit corporation organized for the purpose of serving the interests of collectors and shooters of antique and antique-replica firearms and to help preserve the craftmanship and history of the arms of our forefathers for the enlightenment and enjoyment of future generations.

Ohio Valley Mountain Men, inc. (USA, Big Pine Range neer Wheeling , WV) -- Ohio Valley Mountain Men, Inc. is an association that is dedicated to the pre-1840 era of American History. Shooting, hunting, camping and trapping were all parts of life for the mountain man. Our goal is to promote and educate people about this era and black powder firearms. With monthly shoots and an annual Rendezvous, we can relive those days when a good shot meant more than meat on the table. It was the difference between life and death.

Davy Crockett Long Hunters (USA, TN)--Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
The Fort Lee Scouts (USA, Charleston , West Virginia) -- The Fort Lee Scouts are a group of men and women who reenact the period 1750-1795 on what was once the western Virginia frontier.├???? Our goal is to preserve and demonstrate this period of history to the public. Our clothing, camps, accoutrements, food and personal items emulate those that were used in the second half of the 18th century.├???? The Fort Lee Scouts organize and participate in various living history events, reenactments and educational demonstrations.
Fort Erie Muzzle Loaders - (USA - PA )-
Lancaster County Long Rifles-(U.S.A.-PA) We hold our rendezvous each year the end of April to the end of the first weekend of May at Muddy Run Park near Holtwood , PA . Lots of events : Archery , Hawk & Knife , Seminars , Kids Events , Highland Games , Rifle Range , Wood Walk , Overnight Trek and Clay Bird Shoot...
De Falsterske Sortkrudtskytters (Denmark)--The BP Shooters from Falster - a small island in Denmark The club was started in 1992 and we are offcourse member of the Danish Black Powder organisation "Danske Sortkrudtskytter". We are currently 50 members.
Dogg Clann Muzzleloaders (USA, PA)--Pre-1840 Black Powder and Rendezvous Club - Darlington, Penn. The Clann holds two rendezvous a year. The first is June 14th thru the 16th. The second in the last weekend in October. We hold SHOOTS and SEMINARS all weekend. The ladies seem to really enjoy the ALL WOMENS ROUND ROBIN, and the kids just love the fall rendezvous. There are lots of GAMES and PUMPKIN CARVING, and of course TRICK OR TREAT!!! Once the pumpkins are lit the camp is a site to behold!!!!
New Jersey Frontier Guard-(USA , NJ)
Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (UK) -- The MLAGB was formed in 1952
and is the Governing Body for muzzle loading within the UK.

Its objectives are to encourage an interest in muzzle loading firearms;
to promote, regulate and safeguard their use;
and to preserve their freedom of collection.
Eastern Platte Muzzleloaders-- (USA, NE)--Our muzzle loading organization was founded by a handful of individuals in 1975. From the start, we have been a family organization fully involved in shooting black powder guns and pursuing and practicing the daily skills utilized by our forefathers in the early days of our country. Our primitive wilderness facility holds a 54 position muzzle loading range, called "Tunder Valley",
Flathead Valley Muzzleloaders (USA, MT) --Kalispell, Montana
Florida Frontiersmen (USA, FL)--The Florida Frontiersmen are a group of men and women who have banded together to preserve the skills of our first settlers, pioneers and mountain men in their use of muzzle loading firearms and the equipment and accouterments that accompanied such use before 1840.
├???? Forest Hills Black Powder Brigade (USA, OR)--We are a family oriented club dedicated to the sport of Black Powder Shooting and re-enacting the lifestyle of the old Fur Trade/Frontier era (roughly 1750 to 1840). We do have a good share of single members in our fold, as well. We welcome anyone interested in Black Powder Shooting and/or experiencing life of the good ole days. Many of our youth members are active in Scouting Programs throughout the area. Many of our adult members are former Scouts and some are still active in mentoring roles.

Our Range is located about ten miles west of Yamhill Oregon, near the Flying M Ranch. A map and directions cane be found here. We welcome everyone to come on out and visit us. We have members that live as far away as Olympia, WA and Lincoln city, OR. If your drive may be too far, we can certainly help you in locating a club nearer to you. There are many groups like ours throughout the Pacific Northwest and the United States. Check out the Links page to find other Northwest area clubs. Our main goal is to get people involved in our great hobby, regardless what club they are in.
Fort Hill Ramrods Black Powder Shooters (USA, MO)--The object of this organization shall be the encouragement of organized rifle and pistol shooting among citizens of the United States . It shall be our further object and purpose to futher the development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team play and self-reliance which are essentials of good sportmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.
Fort Steele Patriots (Canada, BC)--The Fort Steele Patriots is a division of the Cranbrook District Rod & Gun Club located in southern British Columbia.
Free Trappers Lodge (USA, WA)--
GARAGE RATS Archery and Black Powder Club (USA, PA)--
Great Darkwolf's Home Page (USA, UT)--President and co-founder of Clan of the Medicine Wolf
White Oak Society (USA, Minnesota) -- We are a hearty group of gentlemen and voyageurs. They are talking about the rendezvous. Later they may talk about the fur trade, sing some songs, perhaps talk about the winter to come. It is a time of adventure, challenge, dangers, and rewards!
Historiche Wapens (Netherlands)--Muzzleloading in the Netherlands

Hit & Miss Muzzleloaders (USA, GA)--We promote the sport of blackpowder shooting and tries to increase knowledge, safety and appreciation of muzzleloading for future generations.
Iowa Long Rifles (USA, IA)--We are a group centered around Marengo, Iowa interested in the preservation of the fur trade era. Open to all people interested in the pre 1840s period.
Kansas Traditional Muzzleloading Assn. - (USA , KS)
Kentucky Corps of Longrifle -(USA , KY )-Our group is over 300 strong and represents Kentucky inthe tradition we think our forfathers would have expected...
James River Black Powder Club -(USA , VA)

Mid America Buckskinner Info Page (USA, MI, IA, NE, KS)--Missouri - Iowa - Nebraska - Kansas (LOTS of interesting BP links)* NOTE : This site went under but left some neat reading....
Morgan County Longrifles (USA, IN) -- We are a non-profit club dedicated to preserving the era of the Muzzleloading rifle. We attempt to do this by using and maintaining traditional Muzzleloading firearms. Also, during many of our events we strive to practice the lifestyle of the American Frontier prior to 1840.

We hold monthly shoots that are normally scheduled on the second Sunday of each month. We hold a Rendezvous in the Spring, Fall and Winter each year, and a Two Day Shoot each Summer.
Mountain Men of the Wasatch (USA, UT)--Preserving For Tomorrow The Pioneer Arms, Craftsmanship, And Skill Which Bore Freedom And Liberty* Celebrating our heritage through the sport of Muzzleloading. We have monthly shoots at Holladay Gun Club with our Club Meeting the first Thursday of every Month. We are a Charter Club with the NMLRA and we Shoot Muzzleloading Rifle,Pistol,Shootgun,as well as Black Powder Cartridge.

North Dakota Muzzle Loaders (USA, ND)--Minot, North Dakota
Olalla Long Rifles (USA, WA)--We are a Muzzleloader / Blackpowder Club who have banded together to preserve the skills of our first settlers, pioneers, and mountain men in their use of muzzle loading firearms and the equipment and accouterments that accompanied such use in the pre 1840's era. Our Rendezvous, Club meetings, and Monthly Shoots, are held at the Poulsbo Sportsman's Club in Poulsbo, WA USA
Pineywoods Buckskinners (USA, TX)--Pre-1840's buckskinning club located in Eastern Texas with monthly shoots and local rendezvous. We are a family club; wives and kids are welcome. We have members all over the East Texas area. We currently have forty-one members. We have five to six rendezvous a year starting in October. Most from the members make it to the Southwestern each year.In the warmer months we get together and work on our Mountainman skills. Some of our pass activates are brain tanning deer hides and making gourd canteens. In July we have a BBQ and swim party. If its not too hot maybe a shooting match or knife and hawk throw.
Plainsmen Black Powder Club (USA, ND)--The Plainsmen Black Powder club was chartered in 1972 having a goal of promoting the safe use of black powder guns for fun and competition. As a club, we sponsor our own shoot and rendezvous in May. The rendezvous is a re-creation of a pre-1840 camp set up to trade with the mountain men and voyageurs of yesteryear.
Oregan State Shooting Association - (USA , OR) -The OSSA is looking for someone interested in the shooting sport to head up our Black Powder program . If you are interested , Please contact us....
The Scandinavian Mountain Men (Sweden) -- The Scandinavian Mountain Men are dedicated to the preservation and study of the frontier people involved in the North American fur trade by means of literary research and experimental archaeology.
Pulver Sch├???├??├?┬╝tzen Solingen (USA, Germany)--A black powder club in Solingen, Germany!! Okay, I kept tring to go and aol kept refusing me, soooo I went to google and did the search for 'em. Still wouldn't come up, but there was a nice "cached page" this means google saved it ;-) Anyway, it's auf Deutsch, but I can read that ... Due to the many inquiries, concerning the Vorderladerei (muzzleloading), years ago we decided to put up this web site, in order to answer a part of these questions and to create a platform for our hobby.
San Diego County Muzzle Loaders (USA, CA)--NMLRA Chartered group. the home page of the San Diego County Muzzle Loaders black powder shooting club. This page is updated on a regular basis. San Diegans are fortunate to have a muzzle loading match almost every weekend .
San Luis Obispo Muzzleloaders (USA, CA)--A group which is located on the Central Coast of California where I grew up. Never met 'em though, I was with a group from Atascadero...
Schietsport Vereniging Dutch Muzzleloaders Voor de Zwartkruit Schutters en Western Evenementen in Nederland (Netherlands)--A black-powder club in the Netherlands (English Version also) - Links to various European clubs.
Smokey Ridge Muzzleloaders (USA, IA)--Home page of the Smokey Ridge Muzzleloaders Club in Iowa Falls, Iowa
Sourland Mountain Muzzleloaders (USA, NJ)--Sourland Mountain Muzzleloaders Inc. was formed in the early 1980's as a non-profit, educational organization founded on the basis of preserving our early American heritage through living history and the safe use of muzzle loading firearms and equipment.
The Jefferson Longrifles, Inc. (USA, TN)--Muzzleloading club located in Tallahassee, Florida. The Jefferson Longrifles is a Muzzle Loading Rifle Club, made up of individuals who subscribe to the principles of the National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation and the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.
The Little Butte Mountain Men, Ltd. (USA, OR)--Eagle Point, Oregon
The Seneca Muzzleloaders (USA, OH)--We are a group of Living Historians dedicated to the preservation of the lifestyle during the pre 1840's era. We are a family oriented club, catering to all ages. Many of our members are Muzzleloader shooters, Hawk and Knife throwers, Archers, Artisans, Musicians, Craftsmen, but mostly, just plain folks! We hope that you will visit us soon and relive the ways of our Fore Fathers.
The Trappers of Starved Rock Inc. (USA, MO)--CLUB OBJECTIVE: The club is a not-for-profit organization. It is dedicated to bringing together those individuals who are interested in the history, building and shooting of Muzzle loading firearms, and the recreation of that past period of American History.
Twin Cities Muzzleloaders Club (USA)--We are a non-profit organization striving to promote interest and participation in the collection, shooting and building of black powder firearms. Located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, we sponsor a number of shoots and events.
UK Shinin' Times (UK)--The official web site of the UK Buckskinners. The mission of this site is to encourage interest and stimulate research, here in the UK, into the early history of the Americas, particularly concerning the North American Fur Trade. There are many living history enthusiasts here in the UK .Indeed, it may be that some of our American Brothers (& Sisters) might like to visit a rendezvous or shoot while holidaying in the UK.
WESTERNHOBBY (Germany)--A muzzleloading and buckskinning site in Germany! This site is in German.
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