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Um i knew here im really interested in the Darkages and wondering if u do any combat scenarios's (Like u make a decent sized army and fight) or if u just go out spend a week and pretend its back in medival times.

For warefare how would u do that because sword and armour and stuff and especially Archers because im a pretty good one in real life and im starting to study fletching.

And the life thing do we dress up and bring like a whole family in costume?

It depends on what you want to do and/or what group you want to be a part of.

There are a few large organizations made up of smaller groups and a lot small groups with no affiliation.

Most groups I know will go to an event and set up a camp to portray life in their time periods.  Any number of basic everyday activities may be demonstrated in camp.  If there are enough fighters they may put on a demonstration of combat, whether scripted or competitive.  Most groups have basic armor standards for this.  Some allow archers to participate in battles by using arrows with the points removed and replaced with specially padded heads. 

If you have a whole family and they want to come, by all means bring them, but it is not required.  But dressing the part is essential.  Hanging around the camp or fighting in jeans and t-shirt ruins the whole thing for everyone involved.

Try googling the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA.  They are a huge national (international?) organization dedicated to reenacting hte Middle Ages.  They have a lot of battle/weapon opportunities.

Where are you located? I have several friends that re-enact an archery company if you're nearby.

Hey, I was just at the Renfest this weekend and saw that you Landsknecht volk were going to be there in a couple of weeks.  I hope to get out there to see you.

What other events are there in the Ohio/Indiana region for Medieval/Renaissance period?  I am interested in getting involved in reenacting with my family but am not sure where events are being held other than the Ren Fest.


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