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Post by: Sturmkatze on January 05, 2008, 04:55:05 PM
I love books, just like most other reenactors and living historians! For years, reenactor.Net has been an Amazon Associate, selling books through them and now, we can do it even better!

I've been working on this new store for awhile now (as time allows) and am now able to start replacing my old book pages with something better, something more dynamic from Amazon... yeah, it's Amazon, a big company, but I love them. Cheap books, used books, almost anything you could want. My problems are just getting the stuff we had up before re-listed and then, adding newer, better material up there too. You can see where I don't reenact and where we need some help. If you're wanting to recommend a book, please feel free! Really, all we need is the title of the book and the ISBN #  ;D You can send your recommendations to myself or to one of the Moderators for that time period.
Thanks, Marsh  yoy

To check it out (and offer your valuable comments) go here: (
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