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Great War Reenacting Organizations

Here are the main WWI Great War Parent Organizations. They are the ones who put on the events. Check 'em out.

Great War Militaria -- specializing in World War I

The late J.R 63 at the Spring GWA Combat Event, Newville, PA
The late-great J.R 63 at the Spring GWA Combat Event, Newville, PA

The Great War Association (USA -- MidLant)
The Great War Association located at the Caesar Krauss Great War Memorial Site in Newville, Pennsylvania, the GWA is the East Coast's umbrella organization for Great War reenacting. The GWA hosts two (possibly going to three) annual combat reenactment weekends each year. The GWA actually owns its own battle site. This site is designed complete with trenches, underground bunkers, shell holes and machine gun nests.

The GWA has many different units from all sides. There are numerous Allied units: American, British and French along with their allies such as the Russians and Commonwealth Troops. The Central Powers consist of a number of German units and one Austrio-Hungarian unit.
The Great War Historical Society (USA -- Southern California)
The Great War Historical Society is the West Coast Great War organization -- Sphere of operations: WW1 on the Western Front, 1914-1918. We are back up and running and looking for a few good men and women. We are like the GWA, just on the opposite coast. We battle like the GWA, but on different weekends as some of our members travel to the GWA events and this way we don't interfere with their activities.
[Sadly, they don't have a website anymore and thus you need to belong to Facebook to see their site]... The Midwest Great War Living History Association is an all-inclusive, non-profit organization dedicated to creating a greater understanding of the experience of the First World War and its material culture by the means of experimental archeology. Drawing heavily on historical scholarship, local military expertise, and a close coordination with the National World War One Museum, the association strives to accurately depict the appearance and activities of the men and women who participated in the watershed event of the 20th Century.

Our primary purpose is to educate and inform, but also to entertain both members of the association and the public at large through regular meetings, field excursions, and non-field related events. To that end, our ultimate goal is to transport the denizens of the present, if only for a moment, to a time when the global history of humankind fundamentally changed forever.

The Great War Society is a non-profit making organisation based in the UK. Founded in 1984 we provide an opportunity for practical research into the uniforms, weapons, equipment, training and everyday tasks of Great War soldiers, both of the Allied, and Central powers.
Our members dress in period uniforms and equipment, learn the drill, and undertake the training and everyday activities of the time. We are a living history, rather than a battle re-enactment group. We also exist to further the memory of the soldiers of the Great War as the last Veterans inevitably pass away and what happened between 1914 to 1918 becomes merely another dusty history lesson to the children of today. We do not look to over sentimentalize the image of the Great War soldier, but rather try to re-create the practical if somewhat naive approach to the horrors of war, in order to give the public, and our members a small taste of what it felt like to take part in the war to end wars.
We are enthusiasts of World War I era aeroplanes. Of any scale. If you would rather watch a World War I aeroplane fly straight and level than a Pitts do a complete aerobatic routine, then you are one of us. If a plane looks naked to you because it doesn't have guns, then you've come to the right place. If you hold services at the flying field every April 21st, then we're your group. (This last example is a little bit of a stretch, but you get the point).

Our intention is not to show you how to build an airplane, that's what the EAA and AMA are for. We are not going to be historians, either. World War I Aeroplanes, Over The Front, and Cross And Cockade are already established for that purpose. (And I strongly recommend membership in these organizations). We want to bring people together who share this passion. We want you to be a regular feature in our newsletter.
Nice site -- lots of pix and info from this club based in the Fatherland! If I lived in Germany, I'd certainly want to join these guys. Hell, the Kaiserman?ver event is an awesome idea!!

(German language--use Alta-Vista to translate)
I.R. 121 (Süddeutsches Militär 1870-1918) (Germany) -- We are a community of people interested in keeping historical events alive in the common conscience, in an honest and urging sense, and to work for the understanding between peoples. That includes:

    * -Lectures on historical topics
    * -Battlefield excursions
    * -Exhibitions and collections
    * -Scale Diorama crafting
    * -Living history
    * -International contacts
    * -Representation at events
    * -Taking part in movie sets
The Western Front Association was formed with the aim of furthering interest in the period 1914-1918, to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of all those who served their countries in France and Flanders and their own countries during The Great War. It does not seek to justify or glorify war. It is not a re-enactment society, nor is it commercially motivated. It is entirely non-political. The object of The Association is to educate the public in the history of The Great War with particular reference to the Western Front. Applications for membership are welcomed from anyone with a like mind.

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