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Can Anyone Contribute to an Inspection Guidelines manual?


Hello. I am a member of Regia Anglorum, and my latest project has been to put together an inspection manual for our local group. It concentrates on our group, but I would love to hear the mechanics of how you or your group approach the inspection process. I am familiar with how they are done in the NWTA and in Regia but would love to hear from anyone on personal experieces, standard procedures, what works, what doesn't work and so forth.

I guess that I can start off by noting the basis of our inspections: we do not inspect the person; we inspect his kit. We do not reject the person (at least in inspection), though we might reject pieces of kit. We never reject anything without telling the person how it can be changed to make it accurate or what they should get to fulfil the same purpose.

Any help on this exchange of information would be great! Thanks.

Cheers, Folo


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