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Uniforms of WW2


Hello to all.

I am a new member to this forum.

I am hoping some of you can help!!

First, dad is a veteran of WW2.  He was enlisted in 1942.

I am wanting to get him a dress uniform for his military funeral (when the time comes).

It is what they call the enlisted khaki dress uniform.  I know that there is some different discussions about what kaki was at that time.  All we have are a couple of black and white photos of him in his uniform.  The khaki's in these pictures look like the lighter khaki that they wore.  I would like to get the shirt, pants, belt, Matching tie and the saucier hat.

Any help and/or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Are you looking for an original or a reproduction? Have my grandfathers originals from the PTO and he was buried in his favorite everyday clothes. He had a military funeral and left the items he had from WWII to family.


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