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I don't want this place to die


Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
 oo-P*****People if you don't post things places like this will NOT thrive...we need to keep this going.. ******oo-P                                                                      I think this can be something great. i just found this place. I would love to talk to other ladies about KIDS ,patterns ,camp recipes,hand-me-down or anything..... ;D     I'am a stay at home mom of 2 . I have a 13 year old son and a 16 month old little girl and a husband that has been camping once back in boyscouts(he melted his boots together) I use to belong to a Buckskining/blackpowder and a Scottish group and am looking to get back in but lost touch with everyone...                           oo-P * ******* 200 + people have looked at this forum and no one has has posted anything come on ladies  *********** oo-P

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
Hello everyone  Iam taking a poll  (makeup or no makeup??) this may sound silly but  my mom had a sketch book  cant remember the name???it was about womans accessories,makeup,hair and little black heart tattoes that all I remember ....but Iam in the middle of a debate with someone about girlie things(period correct)If someone could hepl me out.  HELP!   ;D lol    I dont want to have to strangle my friend for wearing blue eye shadow ;D  HELP lol
Just signed onto this website via husbands insistance within the last week.  You're right, not much activity with postings concerning women.  I'll be honest, I'm greatly disappointed.  If things don't start hopping soon, I just may loose interest in this sight.

As far as the makeup thing, the book you're referring to is Klinger's Distaff Sketchbook, out of print for a long while.  When it was produced (20+ years ago?) it was one of the few references for us women.  Now, looking back at it (yes, I still have my copy) it's incredible to see how far we have come.

There is reference to the use of makeup, but I really think you have to look at the personna you are portraying, class level and practicality to the use of makeup.  I don't wear make up when portraying lower class.  Why?  Because I'm working hard and sweating...I don't wear makeup in "real life" if I'm working hard and know that I'm going to be sweating.  But when I portray upper class with my husband, I do wear light makeup to enhance, and cover blemishes, much like if I am going out to dinner or to a formal function with friends.  Make sense?

Bonnie aka blnzrfn:
LOL   :laugh: My mom won her copy at a blanket shoot when I was a kid she couldnt remember the name or what happened to it ...Thank you!      I know what you mean about the activity but we are trying real hard to keep this going, we are trying to figure out how to drum up traffic here hoping thing pick-up this winter when we're all traped inside...LOL ;D So please tell youre friends to visit...(or Im going to end up talking to my self :'() I usually portray a camp follower (Scottish Regiement) so Iam cooking over a fire and such(I don't wear make up in real life)so no big friend has and 80's make up she cant part with :-[ lol  Hey if you can think of something to post feel free I could use the company LOL......... I have to feed my baby girl lunch.....Packing thing that the kids  like is another issue Iam going to post :My 13 year old son can eat 30$ of food a day by himself at events.... :laugh:
I used to belong to the 84th Regt of foot out of Detroit, Mich. (Rev. War Scottish regt.)  I think they are now disbanded if I heard correctly this past summer.  It's hard to cook over the fire and try to dress "upscale".  As for the 13 year old, don't they eat $30 a day worth of food even when not at an event?  I know when my 13 year old nephew stays with me, it feels like locust have hit when he leaves.  Both he and his sister have the habit of eating the last of something and then leaving an empty box.  I usually don't discover this until about a week later when I'm jonesing for a pop tart.
As for the 80's makeup, I didn't think it was appropriate to wear, even in the 80's!!  lol  It's hard to break people of their habits.  The 18th C. is a totally different mind set.  Some people cannot leave the house without their "face".  That's okay, just don't tell the public that it's typical of the time period.  My husband and I are pretty hard core reenactors, but he's diabetic, so...he doesn't go without insulin just to be "authentic".  We all have different levels of comfort in reenacting.( I myself like my showers.)


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