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Age appropriate impressions ?

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Hi guys! Just kind of wondering what your "take" might be, on age appropriate impressions/personas.  For example,  I'd been thinking of taking on an Imperial German,or maybe a WWII Wehrmacht impression.  I know that most outfits are pretty relaxed about taking on new members, and that's OK.  For me, I try really hard to present a believable impression in my 18th c. and 1812 impressions and I do factor in my age/appearance into the persona.  I'm 51, and obviously not an "iron youth".  Do any of you have any thoughts on age appropriate role assignment?

There's plenty of places to do an older impression for both WWI and WWII German. For each impression, I worked out a plausible timeline (old timer recalled to active service) and have solbuchs to reflect this. Naturally, impressions such as stosstruppen or falschirmjager are out but there's still plenty of room. Landwher for WWI is a natural.

For WWI, I do an impression of an older person in their 40s (I'm 46) that was recalled to active service in 1915. My unit is a Bavarian cavalry unit (2nd Chevauleger) and while we did rotate into the front line on a regular basis, we also performed rear area duties such as POW guarding and provost marshall duties. It's a perfect fit for me.

Just my two pfennings...

Thanks! I appreciate the input.  The recall scenario sounds like a really good fit.  I wasn't sure how it would be, to be the likely "old guy" in the unit.  Now it doesn't necessarily seem to be too bad of a role to take on.  This could be fun!......   

Rockman... where do youlive? Check out my unit at:

I live in the NW corner of Ohio,  ( Fair to say a good length's drive to any cool historical event...) I've checked out the IR 23 site that you posted.  ---Pretty cool!  It's definitely given me food for thought.  If I weren't engaged with 18th c. & 1812 , I could get into this kind of thing real easily. Do you do early or late war impression?


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