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Greetings from Your New WWI Moderator!!


Marsh was kind enough to make me a moderator for the WWI section so I thought that I would introduce myself a bit. I've been involved in reenacting for some 20 years and I've reenacted a variety of periods over the years. My current interests are in the WWI and Indian Wars areas. I'm also interested in cavalry and especially the Punitive Expedition of 1916 so I'll be commenting on this area (and yes, I have a horse so he'll occassionally get mentioned here too!  ;D). For WWI, I've got both German and American impressions and right now I'm focusing more on the American (we have a shortage of Allied reenactors out here on the West Coast).

WWI never fails to fascinate me and reenacting the era definately separates the true reenactors/living historians from the farbs, cap-busters and powder-burners!

I want to welcome everyone here and I look forward to working to pump this area up!  :)

Here's a couple of pictures from our latest event in Bakersfield:


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