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This is the area where we list the different Umbrella Organizations for the Frontier era. There are a lot of different organizations ranging from the American Mountain Men, to the Coalition of Historical Trekkers, on to modern shooting groups like Replica Percussion Revolver Association and more. Not to mention the National Rifle Association!

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National Rifle Association--Homepage of the NRA, the organization in the USA looking out for YOUR gun rights. If you own a gun then you SHOULD be a member. Contrary to what the "leebaraal" press or cultural-elite ding-dongs like Ted Kennedy, Rosie O'Donnell or Diane Feinstein tell you, the NRA isn't a bunch of crazies--they are your neighbors, they are your friends and they are one of the last bastions before the left takes away your guns. And YES, that means muzzleloaders too--the enemies of freedom don't make a difference between an AK-47 and your Brown Bess (which WAS the AK-47 of it's day).

BTW, if you don't like us promoting the NRA, don't visit reenactor.Net! Leave right now!! Don't send us nasty e-mails, just go and visit a Star Trek convention and pretend to be a Vulcan or something! Go on, GIT!

Another reason why you should join the NRA: "Why should I visit the NRA? I carry a musket..."
Blue Ridge Rifles, Inc.,is an NMLRA charter club, founded in 1976. We are located on 22 acres of the Blue Mountains, approximately one mile from the Appalachian trail just off Rt. 183 in Summit Station, PA. We are a strictly muzzle loading club.
We, the members and officers of Blue Ridge  Rifles, Inc., are  dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the lifestyle, ideals, patriotism, and freedoms of  the  early American  pioneer of the period 1750 to 1850, and as citizens of the United States to protect and defend the rights granted us by the constitution.
The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association exists to promote, support, nurture, and preserve NMLRA's and our nation's rich historical heritage in the sport of muzzleloading through recreational, educational, historical, and cultural venues such as match competition, hunting, gun making and safety, historical re-enactments, exhibits, museums, libraries, and other related programs.
We, the Coalition of Historical Trekkers, are dedicated to the preservation and study of the pre-1840 frontier people in America by means of literary research and experimental archaeology. We are historical trekkers, which is to say we are experimental archaeologist, involved in one or more eras of the historical time frame from 1600 to the year 1840. As is the purpose of an archaeologist, to establish facts about a historical people or time period, we establish facts pertaining to the way of life of the pre-1840 frontier people. This is accomplished by experimentation in wilderness situations, using firearms, clothing, and accoutrements, authentic to those used by the early frontier people here in America. We pledge to keep alive the awareness of those brave people who lived and died while carving out a place in the wilderness. We recognize that it was these brave men and women who made it possible for us, and generations to come, to live here in the land of the free-America.
The American Longrifle Association (A.L.R.A.) is an organization designed for those people who want to do more than only read about the early years of our country's history. It is an organization that encourages its members to experience the lives of common colonial people.

In 1982 a group of men, with a common interest in the 'long hunter' era of 1750 until 1815, came together and formed an organization which promoted the spirit of adventure through historic re-enactment, research and fellowship. They created a set of by-laws that centered around three important points. First and foremost we encourage historic accuracy by requiring clothing, rifle and gear to duplicate those items that used in the American Frontier. Second, we stress safety and marksmanship with the rifle which was the preferred weapon of the pioneers, the flintlock rifle. Third, we promote self sufficiency by offering levels of honor bestowed on members who learn or develop certain skills of the past and participate in outdoor treks or canoe journeys.

It is the heart of the A.L.R.A. to emulate the lives of our forefathers. To do this we clothe ourselves in their fashion, arm ourselves with their flintlock longrifles and some learn and practice the skills and crafts of old.
The American Mountain Men is an association of individuals dedicated to the preservation of the traditions and ways of our nation's greatest, most daring explorers and pioneers, the Mountain Men; to the actual conservation of our nation's remaining natural wilderness and wildlife; and to the ability of our members to survive alone, under any circumstances, using only what nature has to offer. Although we are now world-wide, we are not a large group. We are not interested in the quantity of members; we are interested in the quality of members. Our members are best and proud of it.

The American Mountain Men's primary characteristic is, first and foremost, to be a Brotherhood of Men. In this fraternal concept is embedded the desire of all its members to teach, share, and learn the arts and skills of the original American mountain men, but deeper still, is the desire to be upon the trail, on lake or river, in mountains, plains or woods, as brothers, sharing this great experience. The sense of camaraderie and the shared endeavor are more important, always, than individual gain. These are the goals and the founding wisdom of A.M.M. To keep alive the skills of the freest men our great nation ever birthed; to preserve his abilities and emulate his way of life as historically accurately as possible.
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The High Plains Regional Rendezvous Association consists of a five state region including Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Each year the Association holds a Primitive Rendezvous in one of these states.

The High Plains is not as large as a some rendezvous. They typically consist of 80 to 280 camps. However they are much friendlier and a more family oriented rendezvous than many others. At each rendezvous you will find rifle and pistol shooting events, knife and hawk events, archery events, kids games, adult games, horse games, and a variety of seminars & demonstrations.
The United Nebraska Muzzleloaders Association, established on January 20, 1979, is a voluntary organization of individuals and clubs interested in activities involving the history and use of muzzle loading firearms.

Some of the goals of the Association include promoting muzzle loading across the state through the exchange of information regarding shoots and other black powder events, and the development of legislative materials affecting the future of the sport. The organization sanctions the muzzle loading rifle, pistol, and shotgun championship matches. The host clubs and shoot sites are determined each January at our state muzzle loading convention.
The Wyoming State Muzzle Loading Association is dedicated to the sport of blackpowder shooting and the promotion of muzzle loading events and activities. An annual convention is held in central Wyoming each year to set club and state shoot dates, review promotional engagements and act as a social gathering. The convention sponsors Trade booths, Craft demonstrations, a banquet and auction. The annual WSMLA State Shoot hosts 54 muzzle loading matches for men, women and youths. The organization has provided funding for the Wyoming State 4-H Muzzle Loading Shooting program. This stewardship provides trophies and plaques for the 40 young competitors of the 4-H matches. State sanctioned competitions include the State Cannon Match, Winter Challenge Shoot and Annual State Shoot.
We are a group of reenactors from southern West Virginia who are dedicated to the preservation of our history and our heritage.

The Shawnee Living History Trail was started in 1991 with the simple idea that living history was more appealing to children than reading history in a book. There was also a need for exposing local history (southwestern West Virginia) of the 1700's time period to the general public. This was the time when when the Shawnee were being pushed from their homes in Ohio and thus their hunting grounds in Kentucky and (West) Virginia.

The Trail is set in the late 1770's near the end of the Revolutionary War. While the Continental Armies are fighting the British back east, the frontiersmen are fighting with the Shawnee over the rights to these lands.
The organization defines it mission as a collaborative effort of its members dedicated to preserving the tradition of the contemporary longrifle, related accoutrements and art forms created after the mid-twentieth century.

The CLA membership includes more than 2000 national and international members, from all walks of life, that share a common interest in studying and preserving the American longrifle, related accoutrements  and other art forms that embraced the American longrifle culture.
Founded in 1967


To encourage and advance organized shooting of black powder firearms and to promote higher standards of safety, sportsmanship, and good fellowship among those who participate in such sport.

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