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D. F. Starr:
Hey there, i usually do civil war events and stuff, but i want to go into other times nad wars, so i was hopping that maybe some one could help me find a group and event near me, i live in Michigan, so any help is good. Thanks

These might be useful:

or just go here to see all units

Greetings. Dragging this topic up to see if there was further interest. In my 1812 experience I found that a place called Mississinewa, or, was a great site for all kinds of units attending who come from Canada to the the lower midwest and all over. My unit (the 93rd Highlanders) has this as an annual mid October event (October 10 in 2010 I believe) but it is difficult to coordinate all the folks in the unit to come from all over to make Mississinewa. However, it is a pretty good site, huge amount of vendors and a very good cadre of units attending. A fine event.

Cheers, Johnnie, 93rd Highlanders.


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