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1812 uniforms and/or civilian clothes for children


Hello, I have been searching for awhile now with no luck for childrens 1812 uniforms and civilian clothes that are already made. I work at a Wildlife Sanctuary, but I have taken on the task of adding some historical displays. I was hoping to add a "dress up" area, in order to get kids to connect with the information. I, however, have no skill, nor interest, in making clothing. I was hoping that some kind soul on this forum could point me in the right direction. Price is also a bit of an issue as the Sanctuary most likely wont have the budget to buy this stuff, so I will be paying for it out of pocket. Even if it's just hats or other accessories, I will take whatever information you all can send my way. Thank you.  ;D
I have a friend that does alot of the clothing for not only her unit, but also does clothes for the children in the group.  She also has been a moderator for a few fashion shows for 1812 in the past and I know she has produced or helped produce children's clothes for these occasions.  My thought is that it's been for the past few years and that these kids must have outgrown them by now.  Let me talk to her to see if anyone is willing to sell their kids clothes for a reasonable price and I'll get back with you.  In fact, I'm seeing alot of these same people tonight at a chrismas get together.  I hope we can help. ;)


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