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Title: Buckingham Mercantile Launch
Post by: Hitchhikker on August 14, 2008, 11:54:41 PM
Hello All,

Over the past couple of years we were operating as D & J Sutler as many know. Thankfully in the past few months, we were able to buy out our partner and have changed our company name to Buckingham Mercantile. This is an exciting day for us as we are able to manage our company the way we wanted to from the beginning. Everything Will be made in the USA by our hands and a select few seamstresses and leather workers we employ. We are proud to be able to do it this way. Keeping work and money in the hands of Americans.

In the next month or so we will be phasing out the D & J Sutler Website and reconstructing the new Web Site ( We encourage you to come by and have a look we will be adding a catalog that you can download and an order form you can download and fill out for your order, and we ask if you will bear with us as we make the change.

Thank You All,

Buckingham Mercantile
Title: Buckingham Mercantile
Post by: Hitchhikker on February 08, 2009, 02:09:29 PM
Just an update we have our catalog on site now. We had to use stock photos of items so please bear with us until we are able to get the proper photos in the catalog. We could not have any more downtime on the site so this was the only option to use stock photos. Stop by and have a look. (