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Title: New French Resistance group
Post by: Saboteur on December 19, 2010, 10:33:07 pm
We are the Special Section of Saboteurs of the French Forces of the Interior.
We are headquartered in Gettysburg Pa. and have members through Pennsylvania. Maryland , New Jersey and even South Carolina.  We are history enthusiast and portray members of the French Underground and Maquis Freedom Fighters in occupied France during World War II.  We  participate in reenactments,  Historical displays and Living History events through the Mid Atlantic region.

Our unit is unlike most reenacting groups, You won't be learning manual of arms, we won't be marching in formation or dressed exactly like the man besides you. Our unit is more for the thinking man (or woman), you must rely on cunning and stealth rather than firepower to complete objectives of Military importance.   Being a clandestine force, we rely on the various talents of our members to outwit the Enemy.  This is where your Historically Accurate,  individual impressions is welcomed.

Membership is open to Men and Women 16 years and older. Members are required  to assemble a 1940s French Civilian impressions and a Tactical impression to take part in the events we will attend. Check out our website:
Title: Re: New French Resistance group
Post by: lawmanhdg on November 01, 2014, 04:00:08 pm
Does your group still exist?