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Hello from UK


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Hello all

Just to say glad I have landed here at last.

Me and some folks over here are just starting out in the frontier period, looks like we will be doing late 1700s to 1840s, every one a bit of an individual.

Mostly we will be out in the woods, by ourselves honing a few skills, getting cold wet, and learning how not to be.  But we will also try and educate people at public shows just what went on in this transitional period, when we are confident in our knowledge.

So, when the rest arrive here be prepared for lots of what you may consider dumb questions, but be gentle with us.

Hello the forum.

Greetings To You!

Welcome to our forums!  Congratulations to you and yours on your new adventures of the Frontier!  We have many seasoned reenactors that portray this time period here on r.Net, so feel free to ask any questions!  And remember, no questions are dumb questions! :laugh: 

Hope you enjoy reenactor.Net.  Any questions or problems, PM (private message) Marsh @WW (Sturmkatze) or me :D (Kathy) and we'll do our best to help you out!

Again, Welcome to r.Net!

Kathy :D

two buzzards:
Thank you Kathy when the others get back from various travels I will get them to get on to this forum



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