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What does it take to start reenacting the Civil War?


Where would I look, what would I need and what would it cost to start me reenacting CW?

what kind of a role do you want to do ?

First you have to figure out what type of persona you want. Most people will look back into their own ancestory to help them out with this.  Then you will do some research on that person and if they were in a unit during the war; you'd learn about that.  Than it would also help to know where you live to help yolu find a unit to join.  And then you do research on the clothing so you can be as authentic as you can be for reenacting. 

Miss Melly:
Try and find a unit close to you, and contact them. We started out as Union and then moved to a CSA unit. We still belong to both. Some units are more family oriented, and have families that all reenact together. Others are living history only.
I would say the easiest is to go to an event, look at the camps and then ask questions.
As far as expense, well, lets' just say this isn't a cheap hobby. You need the tent, and uniform or dress to start. My unit loans out equipment for the first 3 events. I have had very good luck selling my equipment on Ebay and moving on to better as I go. Used equipment can always be sold, which has helped us out a lot.
We all had to learn at first. Good luck, it's a great hobby.

I was over at Gettysburg last Monday and had a great time. Some of it I hadn't seen before and my friend Kent and I decided next time we'll pay one of the tour guides to give us the E-Ticket tour!

I want to do Union methinks... why? I dunno, I do German everywhere else practically, it'd be fun to do this. Besides, It just interests me now that I live in Pennsylvania  (^)

Where to start? I need a unit, before I start buying (well, trading for) stuff. Yep, it's gonna have to be "revenue-neutral" to keep the "Admiral" happy. However, I think some of it, I can trade for ads on reenactor.Net or something. That is a small "bennie."

Know any good Union units here in South Central PA? By Chambersburg...


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