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Cpl. Kevin W. Craig, 372 R.I.U.S. 1976-2007


Originally posted by Jim Ball on the GWA e-mail list.

It is with the greatest of sadness that I inform you of the death of
Cpl. Kevin Craig of the 372e R.I.U.S., brother of Sgt. Rick Ford.
Kevin died early Tuesday morning at the family home in Waldorf, MD.
In addition to his brother, Kevin is survived by his mother, Delores
Ford Craig, and two young sons, Tre and Jaden.

Kevin was a charter member of the 372nd, and was the first recruit
when Rick and Lloyd Millard formed the unit. He began participation
in non-combat events at the age of fifteen. When he took the field
days after his 18th birthday, Kevin had become a model infantryman,
and fully trained stokes mortar crewman. Kevin was always an
enthusiastic supporter of all unit projects, had recently taken up
duties as recruiting NCO, and was looking forward to returning to the
field in April. He will be truly missed.

Any support and/or words of condolence and encouragement would be
most sincerely appreciated.

Best regards to all,

Jim Ball
1st. Lt., 372nd Infantry
Adjutant, 1st Bn.


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