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Karl Helweg: INACTIVE

This is a site primarily focused on tournament companies of the 14th century such as the Company of St. Boniface and others whose members participate in pas d'Armes or Passage of Arms tournaments.   These are a period stylized but brutal tournament which places great emphasis on pageantry. 

Due to another server break down is once again nearly blank.  We would like to invite individuals and companies interested in this type of 1350-1450 event, to join. 

The obligatory eye candy from the Combat of Thirty.

Karl Helweg:
This is another example of this sort of combat.

Karl Helweg:
I apologize for the inconvenience but the site is temporarily down for a server change or some such techy thing.  Please bear with them and try again later.

Some eye candy in the meantime.

PM me, I can hook you up w/ a better host and server!!

Karl Helweg:

--- Quote from: Sturmkatze on December 27, 2009, 11:44:46 AM ---PM me, I can hook you up w/ a better host and server!!

--- End quote ---
Now that SA is back up I have relayed your generous offer to the moderator.

No photoshopping here, honest. ;)


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